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  1. Anyone ever been?. I'm going out in 2019 if anyone fancies it.
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  2. Always fancied it, one year maybe :)
  3. Got any more info? Tempting.
  4. It's between the 10th and 17th August this year. Clashes with both St Mary's in Malta and Plymouth.
    I'm flying direct to Denver then driving up to Gillette Wyoming. There is a great page on Facebook that links people with Rv's to rent, I've booked one €800/week that will be sited at the venue so I won't have to drive in/out each day. On Wednesday there is a public show by Grucci, then we're doing the closing show on Friday. It's going to be a stonker as it's the 50th anniversary of the PGI.
    Have you seen Bill Corbets fireballs? He did 660 gallons last year, I hope I can spare some time while I'm there to have a play. He's invited me out to Oshkosh airshow but that's at the end of July, I can't stay for both unfortunately.
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    Don't forget to pack a camera...;)
  6. Dominator Shoots Grand Public Display - Finally, Dominator & IPC are proud to announce that we have been chosen to shoot the Grand Public Display at the Pyrotechnics’ Guild International’s 50th anniversary in August 2019. Given that this is the 50th anniversary, PGI is pulling out all the stops and this will be NO ORDINARY PGI. If you have never been to a PGI, this will be the event that you will not want to miss. The contracts are all being signed so we can’t revel company names just yet. But in addition to Dominator capping the week with the Grand Public Display, there will be at least four other World Renowned/World Record holding companies shooting shows that week. All shows will be top class, 1.3g pyro-musicals. Can Dominator compete? Can Dominator, Dominate? Come and see for yourself and you decide! All the best,

    Copied from a Dominator post
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    Id love to do PGI, alas the chances are not great for me, but they say you smell pyro from miles away and if its your first time toPGI you have to lose your 6inch salute virginity!

    Mmmm 6inch salutes and girondolas.

    Id love to make a huge girando an stack to drop salutes off on the way up so it kinda looked like a huge italian multibreak that just keeps going.
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    You can do that a lot closer to home :)
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    That almost sounded like an offer!
  10. It was.
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    All I can add is that Wyoming is a wonderful place full of amazing people! Have a great time :)
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  13. Would love to go but not sure my wife will let me.
  14. Unfortunately due to getting signed off traveling to the states this year by the doc I've missed 1 death due to heart attack and a stray rocket hitting a house. And it's not Wednesday yet there

  15. Oooops
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  17. Fortunately not a Lidl ;);)
    It was an old cow barn
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  18. FB_IMG_1566113348074.jpg
    Apparently it made this hole on way down.
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    I can’t help but laugh ;)