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  1. May I ask for anyone's top 5 quiet fireworks. Thank you.
  2. paul s

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    K9's Tornado Twister combo.........sorry :oops:.

    Certainly 'Cyclone', 'Blast Off' and 'Twilight Zone' to start with.

    Jonathans Fishes and Sea Horses is good as is FI Emerald Twister.
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  3. Turbo - Jorge
    Malachite - Jorge
    Uran - Jorge
    Chemical Romance - Celtic
    Twinkle Toes - Celtic
    Fawk Handles - Celtic
    Colourful Crossettes - Celtic
    Cap N Jakes Treasure Chest - Fireworks International
    Snow Blizzard - Planet/ Zeus
    Space Invaders - Planet/ Zeus

    Top 10 o_O lol
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  4. K9Girl

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    Cheeky! o_O

    Zeus Snow Storm (Planet Snow Blizzard)
    Celtic Colourful Crossette
    Zeus Typhoon (Planet Cyclone)
    Celtic Vertual Vortex
    Zeus/Planet Blast Off
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  5. hofnerite

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    Celtic Colourful Crossette
    Zeus Snow Storm
    Devil's Delight (not sure who makes it but it's got everything quiet going on)
    BrightStar Collateral Damage
    Celtic WAP
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  6. paul s

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    FI............and actually very good. Well spotted.
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  7. Bung

    Bung Pro Firer/Crew


    These are very quiet:

    El dorado
    any Jorge exclusive etc.. etc..
  8. trueblue_ips

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    Zeus Snow Storm
    Celtic Chemical Romance
    Zeus Golden Dreamtails
    Celtic Colourful Crossette
    Zeus Blast Off
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  9. Bucksend

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    Jorge - Uran
    Celtic Colourful Crossette
    A good tail/star only roman candle
    Celtic - horsing around (not fired it though)
  10. Are any of the above multi effect or are all single effects, just to save me looking, thx
  11. And on a scale of 1-20 (20 being loudest) can you rank them again just to save me time, thx
  12. paul s

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    What exactly are you looking for, Peter?

    A clue would help :confused2:
  13. The only multi effect one I think is Cap N Jakes Treasure Chest from FI ......... always a good seller for people who want a barrage with no bangs at all. Definitely a gap in the market for an affordable low noise multi effect barrage.
  14. paul s

    paul s Supports UKFR

    Devils Delight is just about that (if the price is right).
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  15. Devils Delight is ok but when we had a sample from Fireworks International and fired it, we felt it was far to smokey and the amount of debris that fell to the ground still burning was just to much for our liking. Its why we ended up going with Cap N Jake's Treasure Chest. It is 240 shots for £34.99
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  16. I'm surprised Brothers Angel Dust hasn't had a mention. Some crackling at the end but still relatively low noise.

    I also really like the Celtic and Jorge pieces Saj mentioned, plus Jonathan's Fish and Chips is a nice spinner:fish combo. Mars Starchaser is the best crossette effect I've personally seen.

    Hard to put things on a scale though. Low noise fireworks in my view have no bangs and only limited crackles, but even the little 96 pearl cakes such as Crazy Croc have quite a thud to each shot when fired in an enclosed fenced area.
  17. Madfish

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    In no particular order:

    Illusion Candle - very quiet

    Jorge Uran

    Celtic Colourful Crossette

    Celtic Twinkle Toes

    Planet Snow Blizzard

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  18. Wouldn't say Cap'n Jakes was low noise with the screechers and we've not had any problems with Devils Delight.
  19. Nothing to loud about them whistlers. I guess it depends if your after low noise or no noise. I am happy you have had no problems with Devils Delight but they are messy or should I say the one we fired was.
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  20. Thank you for all your responses, v much appreciated, watch this space.