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  1. Also this new large bore spinner effect low noise firework from Celtic:

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    Wow, love that!
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    I got mine from Fireworks Direct...i believe they've still got a couple of lines
  4. Last year I had a relatively quiet display and my standout items were (to echo what others have already said)

    Celtic Twinkle Toes
    Celtic Chemical Romance
    Celtic Horsing Around

    I did fire Celtic Colourful Crossette as well and it's a great piece but the above 3 are on another level. They look like professional pieces.

    Also, not mentioned so far is Celtic Triple Blaze which is similar to Chemical Romance but without the crossette. Ridiculously thick, bright comet plumes. The quality just stands out.
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    I do think quieter fireworks are becoming more and more popular; without doubt there is plenty of scope to release interesting and innovative effects.

    Given the availability (albeit at a cost) of colours such as orange, purple, grass green, aqua etc we could be seeing some great crossettes, mines and simple pearl cakes....:cool:
  6. Wow! I'll be totally honest here and confess that I never look at "low noise fireworks" sections on ANY website while shopping but this is absolutely awesome! Thanks for sharing @Celtic Fireworks
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    Late to the party here and probably for a few years or so but..

    Silver Spirals is still one of my absolute favourite low noise fireworks (previously Black Cat, now Epic). My 5 year old daughter is testament to this as she doesn't like fireworks with noise still.

    Flying Colours from Fantastic is a great larger piece - nice mix of flying fish, falling leaves and some palm breaks too.
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    Also Whistling Waves from Zeus is a lovely cake. Wouldn't call it quiet, but certainly low noise.
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    I'd call it extremely loud! Fired teo in November, didn't help that they flashed through two slices at a time but they were deafening.
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    maybe that was part of the problem. Still loud or quiet its a great piece
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    I used one of these in the GFN display I did last year...it is a very nice quieter piece as you say, with maximum 30mm bore size as well, and the biggest low noise firework I've come across! See pics for size comparison.. it is number 26 in the bottom right in the first picture :)

    20181021_135724.jpg 20181021_144142.jpg

    Chinese Whispers by Yellow River/Forward is very nice as well

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    Exactly the same firework as Whispering Charm by Kimbolton. Same kind of price point.


    In fact much of Fantastic Fireworks products are rebadged Kimbolton by the look of it.
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    I wouldn't say that... I think its more of a case that Kimbolton and Fantastic Fireworks get their stuff from the same supplier in China, which is Forward Fireworks,.like it says on the video for Chinese Whispers.
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    Makers of the revered Shanghai Candles.
  15. Probably not a popular opinion but i prefer Celtics hong kong candles..
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    That's a good thing; it means something good has been 'replaced' by something better. Happy days.
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    Apparently Shanghai's are back in time for GFN and also come in bundles of 6 this time. I wonder if anyone will stock them?
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    That's great as they are brilliant in bundles
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    Also they'll have the star variety (no tail) in single and bundles. I'll be glad to see them back but as most already stock Celtic, I'm not sure if any of the big suppliers will take them back.
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    But how long is the Visco:whistle:
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