RAINBOW Labels........

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    See at 2.35 onwards...the candle markers going down...look like flocks of individual lights in clusters ...if you imagine each bunch is roughly 200 meters long...They were in different colours denoting individual targets...or depending on the wishes of the ‘master bomber’..the commander of the raid.For instance there could be repeat drops of the same or differing colours to indicate a new target or reinforcing an existing again.
    Gruesome stuff..a long time ago but still blood curdling.
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  2. The Rainbow Pathfinder was a white flare with a sort of purple tinge to the flame.
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    I believe the Germans called the flares dropped by the Pathfinders
    or Christmas tree's to us
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    Das ist Korrect!!o_O:D
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    I'm goint to wrap this up today with the last few labels all in one go...........
    That's it now as I don't have any other label files,.............. thanks for all the input over the last few months, been interesting and educational. RAINBOW ROMAN CANDLE944#.jpg RAINBOW SPECTRUM950.jpg RAINBOW STAR BURST RCKT956.jpg RAINBOW TARGET ARROW951.jpg RAINBOW TWINKLING CASCADE943.jpg RAINBOW TRAFFIC LIGHT932.jpg
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    BD01BE86-41F8-485D-B357-DCC596F3794F.jpeg EA3081C0-B2C0-49CA-963C-CD58F9752E66.jpeg B12DA8BA-CE57-472E-84D4-0AE9A5065E23.jpeg 143C5ECF-C246-4EAE-945A-38486BBE48B0.jpeg FDB84196-8BA5-423C-BF4E-987BD0E71565.jpeg B9115505-BA99-4F05-A2B1-39A16CD6AC4E.jpeg Thanks Kev...it’s been a very very entertaining bash..well done that man.
    See you ..speak...and mail soon.
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    Thanks for all your efforts Kev. It’s been nice to have some vintage labels to look forward to during these odd times. I can’t say I’m a fan of the Rainbow labels, some are a real dog’s breakfast but they’ve been interesting nonetheless. Good luck with hunting down more goodies.
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    Thank you from me too, Kev. It's been a fascinating few months and finally given me the impetus I needed to start my own collection...
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    Thanks Kev, been very fascinating seeing all the different
    labels of all the various British fireworks companies many of
    which before my time been a 1980s standard kid mostly.
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    Its been a sanity saver cheers Kevin :)
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    i have the star burst in a 9d

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    Thanks again to everyone that contributed over the last 4 months or so, as for sanity.. not sure how many of us were sane to start with........
    I'm taking a break from vintage pyro for a while and the store will also be closed for about a week.

    Having some R & R and afterwards it will be back to normal starting with another large intake of vintage pyro in need of new homes. Took me all day yesterday just to go through it all and list out what there was...............

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    AE634233-1188-420D-B2AF-48095485AA6F.jpeg “Now Then Doggo...these are different bangers ..they are Chinese Crackers....get ready ..three..two..one....GOo_O
    Homily to Kev and the mutt..saw it and couldn’t resist !!:rolleyes:
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    Absolutely stunning effort Kev. Was a joy to have something positive and interesting each day through this weirdness.