Cake/Barrage Rainbows revenge

Discussion in 'Celtic Fireworks' started by maxywell, Oct 17, 2020.

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    £100, nec = just under 1100g, bore = 20/25mm.

    After nearly 10 months of no pyro I couldn't resist the temptation when I heard a couple of other people setting stuff off. :D Personally I can't decided exactly what I thought of this. It was good but i'm not sure i'd say it was good vfm. The two smaller cakes seemed more like fillers and the compound as a whole would've been better with two other fan cakes in their place. Also 20m is way too close to get a decent video but any further and i'd have been under a tree... brexit is definitely a good finale cake though.
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    @maxywell , I like to see an honest personal opinion, and real as it is video .I think I totally agree with you. Definitely not WOW apart from the last 5 sec :)
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