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Discussion in 'Forum Tutorials' started by blackbat, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. blackbat

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    Is anyone else receiving random email notifications for subscribed threads and/or conversations? I've been getting them for a week or two when there's no new activity. Either that, or they are massively delayed.

    @Pyro Pete
  2. Pyro Pete

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    Looking at the server there are some bounces and delays from various accounts including yours Justin...

    Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 09.10.40.png
    Looks like the usual issue, mail domains and servers see Forum notifications as spam and often reject it, very limited in what we can do from this end, changing email providers here is just like whack-a-mole, it fixes it for a short while. In your case the server is temporarily "banning" us, you could maybe unsubscribe from everything, start again, so you're not getting a lot of emails coming in?

    It's the number one thing that all forum admins are moaning about :)
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  3. blackbat

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    Thanks, Pete. I had a notification for your reply. I didn't think I was missing emails, more getting duplicates, but maybe I'm not :). It's not a major issue for me, anyway.
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  4. Pyro Pete

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    Are you still using Pushover for notification alerts @blackbat ? (You were one of the testers).

    If anyone else wants to get alerts on their phone, have a look at this post:


    You download an app to handle the notifications and after the week trial to see if it all works, it's £3.30 one-off to continue. That's the app developer charging, we don't get anything from it :) You can set up alerts for practically everything, PMs, new content, every time someone mentions RRP ;)
  5. blackbat

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    I am, although pushover only notified me of your second reply on this thread, not your first !