Rat poison

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  1. Daveandkate

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    anyone know of any good rat poison I a few thinking it's funny to run around eating things in my unit.
    Whether it's pellets or poison canisters you can buy that you activate before you leave in the evening
  2. poison, waste of time, get some rat traps.
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  3. K9Girl

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    Get yourself a terrier and a .177 ;)
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  4. elmo

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    2nd the terrier, great fun:rolleyes:
  5. K9Girl

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    There are terrier men who will come for fun to help you with your issue!
  6. Bucksend

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    as above, avoid poison. Horrible stuff. Traps are the way to go, you know when you've caught one and it wont die behind the fridge and stink the place out for a year plus a trap is much more humane and lower risk to other animals :)
  7. Escht

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  8. Arthur

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    All the retail available poisons are letting the vermin develop an immunity and the poisons become ineffective. (Professional use poisons less so but they are unavailable to us)
    The wooden based wire with a spring doesn't let the vermin become immune and carefully placed and baited it's relatively safe for domestic pets. Baits include mars bar slivers, peanut butter, nutella, things with a lot of oil don't dry out like cheese.
  9. elmo

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    These look quite effective
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  10. Da Main Mouse

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    We used the lever with a bucket of oil job.

    Big dustbin with a ramp up the side, a hinge bolted at the top then the hinged plank extends over with the bait on.weight of the rat tips up the plank into bucket of oil.
  11. SwissTony

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    Neosorexa gold is a good publicly available poison also use t rex style rat traps with peanut butter as bait.
  12. Ozzieuk

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    Great for squirrels too
  13. elmo

    elmo Pro Firer/Crew

    Nah, you need a mk4 fen trap for them ;)
  14. Arthur

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    If only Paris Green was retail! Perhaps that's why it's not.
  15. beeney

    beeney Pro Firer/Crew

    Traps and peanut butter work a treat.. ;) plus the problem with poison is they will die in the walls and your unit will end up smelling like a dead sheep
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  16. Daveandkate

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    Got the traps just need peanut butter bloody things
  17. beeney

    beeney Pro Firer/Crew

    Or chocolate also works. But that seems a shame to waste on a rat....
  18. Charlie

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