Re-development of Plaza del Ayuntamiento

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    In as little as four years we could see a complete re-development of the main square which could result in a much larger mascleta!

    "In as little as 4 years time we could be seeing a MUCH different Plaza Del Ayuntamiento! And could it also mean BIGGER Mascletà?!

    Plaza del Ayuntamiento, as demanded by the merchants in Valencia.
    The Association of Merchants of the Historical Center pleads for an "attractive" environment with cultural activities and space capable of guaranteeing more mobility and public transport.

    The plans to pedestrianise Plaza del Ayuntamiento is one of the objectives that the Govern de la Nau has set and will continue forward after the formation of the new town hall of Valencia. However, the doubts of how it will be and the lack of information about the project are two issues that concern the merchants of the historic center of the city today. Their representatives are clear about what they want and demand more dialogue and consensus.

    It was last March when the municipal government formalised the contract with the company that will carry out the process of citizen participation. In this process the participation of neighbors, merchants and hoteliers of the center is expected, as it was done in the remodeling project of the Plaza de la Reina.

    Once this phase is concluded, we will go to the ideas contest to see the different proposals, although the traders are clear about which model they prefer and will defend.

    The Association of Merchants of the Historic Center assure that the buses must be removed from the square. However, they see it vital to know where they will be placed to facilitate mobility in Valencia and ensure the connectivity of the center from every corner of the city. This may also include the replacement of busses by trams through the centre.

    And it goes without saying, if the plans are agreed and the project to pedestrianise all of Plaza Del Ayuntamiento, then imagine the amount of extra space the Pyrotechnics companies have to play with for their Mascletà and other events such as Nit de L’Alba and La Crema etc."

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    They need to do something with all the trees - maybe Gerry Anderson could design? :)

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    I don't see how this would create more mascletà space...
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    The image above is one of a few concepts.
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    All I'm saying is that the buildings around the edge dictate how far back the crowds can go, and there needs to be a minimum safety distance to the fireworks, so pedestrianising the square wouldn't necessarily allow bigger displays.
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    They also have to provide space for the Falles - both the big one and the children's one - and to keep them safely clear of the fireworks to avoid a premature crema. In the concept shown, the main Fallas currently takes space that's between the fountain and the first of those island flowerbed type things. That'd restrict enlarging the mascleta area into the proposed newly pedestrianised space. Of course, a new location for the Falles could be worked out. The inclusion of other structures, like that globe type thing towards the top of the square, would potentially restrict the mascleta unless built to be pyro-proof. That suggested structure is well within the area used by mascletas at the moment. So there's quite a lot to be thought through and priorities to be assessed yet.

    I do wonder if there's some thinking going on of moving the mascleta to the new park being built on the other side of the station - i.e. to having both mascleta & night-time displays in the same area. I wouldn't like that to happen. Would it be unacceptable for the Valencians, too?