Recommendations for F2 none fan firing

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  1. Looking for recommendations on F2 (8) none fan firing please
    Been looking at Hallmark fireworks this year I normally use Celtic & Evolution and prime.

    many thank’s for anyone who reply’s to this
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  2. Are you wanting multi effect or single effect , ?
    If multi, have a look at some Klásek items esp signature range
    Other brilliant 49 shot are sasek c4920s c4920d c6420b c4920sig c2525sig, to name few, the number of effects are the number of shots divisible by items so 49 shot 7 rows 7 effects etc. Brilliant F2 items
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  3. Like @The Powder Keg said you, can't go wrong with Klasek or any of the Funke 25 shots, max powder weight 500g F2 colours and effects are stunning.
  4. i really really enjoyed Beat Thy Neighbour by Brothers last new years. it’s an F2 compound and it was worth every penny - display in a box, lots of high quality varied effects that the audience loved. i’m looking forward to buying it again this year
  5. Beat they Neighbour is a great F2 piece, however there are non coming in this year from Brothers.
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  6. If you need something a bit less noisy, then Celtic BomBom or BabbaDo and also Cris Cross or Colourful Crosette are fab. Better still, just buy the Celtic 6 pack, can't go wrong with that.
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  7. aw what, it’s the only firework my wife has ever been impressed by!

    supply issues?
  8. Yes, it may be here after BFN, but then again who knows.. :confused:
  9. There are also lots as in more than 50, F2 compounds from Klásek, straight firing up to 256 shot 20mm lasting 240 seconds 32 effects

  10. Hi

    Are you looking for smaller individual pieces, you can fire one at a time or a compound firework ?

    Personally I wouldn't recommend any brand of compound, if you can not get further away than 8 meters
  11. Doesn't seem to make much sense to me Saj, 2 x 64 shot 20mm glued on a board has to be less dangerous than a 25 shot 30mm 500grm item?
    bigger footprint, smaller tube etc etc. IMO
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    The F2 / F3 fiasco......

    When will the penny drop with the powers that be?
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    You mentioned you have used Primed before. Well 'Casino' (which you may be familiar with?) is an absolute belter....Punches well above it's weight. Great F2 finale piece for a smaller garden. Got it all really, if you can get hold of...
    Diamond Princess by Brothers is a classic F2 piece too..

    Smaller items under £15, then look no further than some of Epic's range:-
    Silver Spirals, Colour Blitz, Humming Hornets (although slight fan with rising comet tails at the end), King Cobra, Triple Whistle, Mad Moth, Shrill Witch, Blue Lights, G Force.

    Not all strictly F2 above (i.e. see comments above), but something for everyone in that little list...
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  14. I would definitely not recommend the latter at 8 meters either. Everyone runs their shop and gives advice in their own way. I personally feel 8m is not a good enough distance for a lot of cat 2.
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  15. I remember a few years ago at a magnum demo night, question and answer session someone posed the question would you let your children stand 8mtr from f2 treasure chest after several attempts at the same question the answer was a firm no, will the classification change now who knows
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  16. I totally agree, but your point was you wouldn’t recommend any compounds at 8 m well I would, otherwise what tube size would you recommend at 8m if not 20mm ? Most problems imo come from small items falling over when not properly fastened down , RP little stars was the worst offender ever
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    I think my concern with a compound (even smaller bore) is if it had some sort of failure but kept firing it would be a long time to have shots going everywhere compared to a 30 sec cake.
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  18. As I said everyone has there own way of doings things. For us we recommend 15 meters minimum for f2 compounds. Not everyone will listen to what we recommend but it is what we recommend.
    Not only for Safety but also for best viewing imo.

    20mm but mainly under is where I would look but as others have mentioned with compounds if there is a malfunction there is a possibility of it continuing a lot longer than a single firework. Obviously depending on what point the compound malfunctioned.

    every sale we stress the importance and the need to secure items. Even the smallest items in selection boxes. It’s drilled into anyone who serves our customers and it seems to work as we have not had anyone back in all these years to say they had a firework fall over, thankfully.
    Malfunction is more of a concern than user error for me with compounds at 8m.
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  19. Never have we had a malfunctioning compound back that had blown a tube, some have stopped but never had a tube blow. One person maxywell made the point long after you said you wouldn’t recommend any compound at 8m
    Very very few imo cakes continue after having blown a tube as it rips the fuse out of the surrounding tubes.
    20mm compounds are safe imo at 8m
  20. Just thinking about it I’m pretty sure the majority of F2 compounds we stock advise a minimum of 8 metres for the firer and recommend 15 meters for spectators

    I guess we have agree to disagree on this one Pete.

    Taken over this gents thread enough I think :hijacked: lol