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    I don’t think we’re going to play one off against another - both support this site and both offer great fireworks. Why don’t you give us more information about yourself and what you’re looking for from a retailer so we can better help you? Your location is UK and your intro message was just a smiley face. Not a lot to go on :rolleyes:
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  2. Hi there sorry it’s just that I’m a bit spoiled for choice and I never knew which one to pick because I have never purchase from a retailer I don’t know what to pick ;)
  3. I'm new here too, this site is a great resource. I'd suggest have a look around the forums; for example if you like rockets, there are some outstanding rockets which are 1.3G, it is well explained elsewhere, but in a nutshell they are much higher quality than typical supermarket stuff. Don't feel obliged to buy a set display pack; pick and mix what suits you best. :)

    If you are looking for cakes, decided what you want to spend; I like to spend around £10 per cake, and there are sone great ones at that price. Decide too what style of firework best suits your space: back garden fireworks are a different category to display fireworks. This too is well explained on these forums. With this in mind, have a browse of the online shops, and see what tickles your fancy!

    I wouldn't say you need to pick a specific store: decide what your (rough) budget is, and go from there. Personally I started with a £50 spend, then another, and now am building pre orders for Bonfire Night, currently at about £100 , which might rise!

    In summary, there is loads to choose from, but take your time and take the opportinity to ask questions; the community here I have found to be very helpful.
  4. Ok thank you so much for the help. Will take my time to get a good stash.
  5. Check which has what you want in stock and go to or order from them.

    I've used galactic years ago and had no issues. Fireworks crazy has an extensive and very useful website.

    Be in safe hands with either I'm sure!
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  6. Igor there’s lots of advice on here, why don’t you tell us what your planning, budget, space , duration etc I’m sure a lot will point you where you need to go.
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    Just look at all of the websites of the sponsors on here and watch a lot of videos - they will all give you value for money and great advice - none will rip you off like supermarkets will. Also post questions on here and you'll get good honest genuine answers and in no time you'll be crippling your credit cards and putting on awesome displays!
  8. Both are great, I'd use 2 factors to decide which to use:
    1. Which is closer?
    2. Are there any specific fireworks you are after, if so which shop stocks them?
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    Most of the sponsors deliver, so get a list together and ask them for advice & quotes :)
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    Also remember, delivery costs are quite high for retailers. If you can collect from your closest sponsor then you're almost guaranteed a better deal.
  11. Unfortunately I don’t have any access to any retailer where I live. So I guess I’ll have to get them delivered.:)
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    Most sponsors here will deliver.
    Where are you based?
  13. Scotland
  14. You can trust any of the sponsors on here so have a good look around and remember you will always get great deals and many will go out of their way to get you what you want, you only have to ask, best thing i ever did joining this forum as i now get quality pyro at the best prices!
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  15. Ok thanks I’ll have a good look
  16. Whats your budget(if you don't mind), how much space will you be in and are there any particular things you like or dislike(fewer big items or more smaller bits, rockets fountains, loud quiet etc.?

    I am sure some of us would be happy to throw a couple of recommendations into the mix...
  17. I think £100 I would like quite a lot of fireworks that will last me a while but I want some quality ones. Including some rockets, cakes. :)
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    Did you buy supermarket fireworks in previous years?
    £100 will get you a decent garden display. Personally I'd go for something like...

    £10-£15 fountain combo, eg Celtic Monte Vesuvio or Brothers Krazy Klock, Zeus Firewall etc
    Rockets - War Hawks can be got for £15-£20 from sponsors on here and are the very best rockets pound for pound.
    Small cakes - Jorge and Celtic do very nice £10-£15 cakes that are miles better than any supermarket cake. Crossettes, spinners etc will add variation
    Finale cake - Something like Celtic China Star for £35 odd, Celtic's Mini Mish Mash for £30, Celtic Magnificent Seven for £35 odd (massive fanned cake)

    LOTS to choose from. Just get watching videos. There's a lot of fun to be had choosing your items and if you speak to any sponsor on here they may do you even better offers.
  19. Yes That’s all I have bought from Lidl, the range, Asda.