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    Hey everyone, first time I've visited the forum this year, would anyone have any recommendations of new fireworks for this year deffiantly got some in mind from last year from primed and klasek, but there is so many new ones it's hard to know where to start, many thanks all.
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    Equally, it's hard to know where to start with recommendations!
    Why go for new products; there are so many existing lines that are superb. Personally, my recommendation is to avoid anything not yet seen in the flesh (ie landed and filmed) and stick with 'known' performance.
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    Pick some fireworks that you like from the past few years and then add things from this year's new imports. As above pick from stuff you've seen -not all stuff gets here in time, and pick from stuff you've seen vids of -not all stuff made in China meets UK regs They may have all the tubes but some may not be loaded for the UK even if they meet the regs for USA and mainland EU markets, obviously the vids will be taken of the first ones to be made and foreign vids may not represent the UK fireworks.
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    Or how about getting along to a preview night. @Chorlton Fireworks this weekend in Manchester, @Firework Crazy later in the month and @Lets Party Fireworks in Essex the last weekend in September are 3 I know of and I’m sure there will be others. Best way to see new items and compare, meet the sponsors and get some great deals.
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    Be somewhat realistic too! How big is your firing space. Many thing look good at 50 paces but could be overpowering at 20 paces in a small garden.
  7. Personally i rarely go for new lines the first year that they come out.Sometimes new stuff gets the big build up then they disappoint or they're not as good when they get here.I always think you're better going for the most liked stuff from the previous couple of years after people have fired them and after you've seen UK vids.
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    I'm usually like that, however ik taking the plunge this year, just got you lot. And I really like the look fo the new vivid and Celtic stuff. Never seen firing patterns and such pro-looking CAT 3 in my life!

    Also want to try everything, put on one hell of a private show and make one heck of noise now, just incase this years moaner campaign puts a stop to it :p.
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  9. Wish some of them would do a show in Glasgow :(
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    Plenty of good lines at AF, Alan.
  11. whats the script with AF, is the shop in Hillington just a walk in shop or what as i am about a 15 min drive away from it and fancy some of the black label stuff
  12. Yeah open all year and Fraser is very helpful.I'll be going in for a couple of things next month.Their range of rockets is up there as one of the best too.
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    AF - Lucifer, Twisted Twins, Tank Buster, Rio Grande and Daytona are all quality lines.
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