Reliability of Fireone Hardware

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  1. How has your experience been with control panels over their working life? Have you had faults develop, what and when/how frequently? Excluding battery replacement.

    How was the process and cost involved of getting it repaired locally or by Fed ex back to Fireone in the US?

    Should a person expect a panel to be faultless for 20 years especially if it is treated with TLC and only used seasonally.

    Keen to get feedback as the repair costs can quickly add up to more than the original cost of the panel.

    If people are reluctant to post due to not wanting to trigger the sensitivities of the world famous special customer service eccentricities of Fireone, then they can email to . I can promise anonymity and I can repost some feedback on here if requested.
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  2. I've only ever seen once a dodgy desk. It turned out to be dust in the main switch. It was sent to a local electronics guy who fixed cheap.
  3. They can have problems but are very rare I’ve only seen 2 panel problems one was a socket with no fixings so went straight through when time code puffed in and a couple that speakers or back light went