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    Just wondering what everyone uses to get their precious equipment onto a boggy field?
    I’ve been using a Shogun 3.2 D for some years now, on its own for a small display or using a large box trailer for a larger display!!
    I want something newer and was just after people’s opinions and suggestions as to what I should go for!
  2. Land Rover defender van with BFG all terrain tyres . Transit upto its axles in the mud full of kit Landy pulled it off the field and didn’t break a sweat. Also has a BIG winch for when you properly in the s**t. Peugeot do an expert atv which claims to be ok for semi rough terrain.
  3. Or for better on road performance try the ford ranger 3.2 double cab pick up the events company I work for has defenders, rangers, and a new navara given all round performance I’d go with the ranger 3.2 auto.
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    Tyres that probably are not road legal! Good road tyres are not good mud tyres.
  5. I had a 3.2 ranger. Lovely bit of kit. Waiting for the new 2019 model
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    I have to say I ran superboggers on my hilux and they were atrocious on road. I used discoverer stts on my jeep aand was well impressed with on road and off road ability and wear.
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    Newer shogun? I've got two, they are great!
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    Disco 3's are fabulous value now.

    Luxurious travel
    All the toys
    With the seats down and flat it becomes a huge van.

    Servicing will make you wince. I spend between £600 and £1k a year with servicing , parts, and MOT.

    General grabber AT2 tyres are simply amazing. Also amazing in the snow. Only a little noisier than road tyres and last well enough that I don't bother putting summer tyres back on now. Mud tyres are too much of a compromise for road use for me.

    I've towed a trailer fully laden up a sodden muddy field with ease where a worker with normal tyres in a Disco got about 5 metres before getting stuck..

    The interior is a bit smart for proper van use but I use the back for my PA system, firings system, etc. The cleaner stuff !
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    D3's have major issues with cranks snapping in the deisles, My family have afew Mechanics and I was warned to stay away.

    I still use my old D2, used to have Maxxis Big Horns on it, good handling for a mud tyre on road and good wear rate, but not really that good in the propper boggy stuff.

    I now have Insa Turbo Special tracks on it, big buggers! Lost MPG, lost top end speed, but by christ are they awesome in the mug, I had an L200 axle deep, and a transit, on really boggy ground, and the D1 with them tyres ripped the pair of them out, serious bits of kit them tyres, howevrr absolutely terrible road handling!

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    Insta turbos deffo not a road tyre lol
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    Great tyres - got a set on this although can't get many fireworks in the back!

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    I think you could them tyres on a robin reliant and it would go anywhere, great tyres, and I have not had any lugs com off even with over 2000 road miles on them.
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    My work van is a Peugeot partner with electric awd, it is pants! Better off with a propper awd van like the transits, transporters or sprinters.
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    People say this kind of stuff (I remember being warned of my Renault 5 Turbo as "when the turbo goes it's expensive") but the reality is rarely as bad.

    I'm 144000 miles in and my cranks are still in one piece :) More common problems (and I've had them) are water ingress through the sunroof and pollen filter, central locking failing (due to the afore mentioned water rusting the connections in the loom - that is in the sill, below floor/water level....). Met one guy who had a turbo failure that trashed his engine, but overall, the general consensus is they are fine if serviced regularly.

    They are never going to be as bullet proof as a D1/D2, but then they are far, far, simpler cars. Electrically and mechanically. But they are also tractors :)
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    I agree mate, you will only hear of the horror stories, people are quick to tell you how bad something is but rarely they tell you how good it was.

    The nail in the coffin for me though (I would love a D3!) Was when a mate asked me about the D3 and I passed on the warning that I have recieved, he went ahead and bought one, literally within four weeks his crank snapped! A case of bad luck, or a common problem, either way it can get mega costly so I will not put my hand in that fire.

    I love how simple the D1/2 are, yes in comparison they are tractors, yet worlds apart from a defender. If you are familiar with a welder, a hammer and a large adjustable spanner you can fix pretty much anything on it
  19. VW did the Caddy in 4x4 if you can find a low mileage example, or the bigger 4x4 Transporter is still made.
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    Personally I'd wonder about the logic of driving on bad ground, unless the owner is very aware of the possible damage. IMO good jobs and clients tend to stick to companies who clear up well and clearing up deep ruts in a field doesn't happen in the dark and wet of midnight in November.