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  1. Arthur

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    One company puts the show in the van then puts the trailer on the back with an ATV on top. On site their ATV pulls the trailer over anything with suitable tyres. Does save having to drive a low mpg 4wd all year.
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  2. argentc

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    We'll be doing the same at a golf course display on Friday
  3. Dodgey

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    Lots of jobs are on farmland , particularly down here in Somerset. The tracks we leave are nothing compared to what their machinery does. Its not like we are driving on cricket pitches.

    One regular gig I have involves driving up a steep muddy field where you would not get 5 yards in a van, and have to carry all your racks around 300metres.

    Another regular site has lovely lawns and they are happy with us driving on them as I've got wide, flat AT2s that whilst grippy, are gentle on the ground if you keep it smooth.

    There's the logic for you :)
  4. AtomFireworks

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    There comes a point Arthur where health and safety has to take priority, would you say it is safe to hand ball 50 metal racks 200 meters across muddy terrain? The answer is no my friend, it isnt.

    So then you have to look at what options are available, discuss it with the client and so forth. On some golf courses they provide us with their own utility atv's, on delicate sites we have quads and trailers, and then on the more rural sites out comes the 4x4's.

    Horses for courses fella
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  5. elmo

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    Never used horses to move gear on courses but will try anything to save carrying it;)
  6. AtomFireworks

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    , me neither, but the teams do plenty of horsing around in my abscence I am sure!
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  7. simonrl

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    I had a D3, it was a 16 feet long hole in the road into which I poured money. By far and away the most unreliable car I've ever owned. Clutch, turbo, EGRs, air suspension issues, electrical gremlins. You name it. Most amusing fault was the water down the A pillar caused by a perished bit of rubber, fixed with a service pack that contained a circle of sticky neoprene. Final straw was the transfer box going into spasms because a circuit board got wet. Fantastic car, bloody unreliable. If anybody is in the market for a Disco get as a late a plate D4 as you can!
  8. Daveandkate

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    Range rover sport for us keep it serviced and a RR approved garage you won't go wrong go to a nirmno garage your fu##ed
  9. Dodgey

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    Or... buy a high miler like I did - bought with 118k miles. Someone else sorted any gremlins there might have been :) It's been mostly trouble free for 30k miles so far.

    I know someone who bought one new and it was back with LR every week.
  10. Sounds about as practical as my Porshe Cayenne.
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  11. simonrl

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    In the - almost - words of Basil Fawlty. A reliable D3. We should have it stuffed ;)
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  12. AtomFireworks

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    Just an update, forget my previous recommendation for a D1 300tdi, mine shat a rod when it was most needed over the november period, its now in the scrappers!