Remote Firing Systems on a budget.

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  1. Hello guys, I am after some help and advice please.

    I am quite keen to purchase a remote firing system so that I can enjoy fireworks from the same distance as spectators. I only have one or two small displays a year. I have looked at the higher end brands and can't justify the cost for the one hour or so use it will have each year so I wondered if there were any budget items which would achieve a decent result.

    I would ideally like a minimum of 12 cues, (More if possible), and my budget is around £100.

    I have came across the two following items on ebay, Are these any good or should i be looking elsewhere?

    All help and advice appreciated! :)
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    Wireless Fireworks do 12 cues for under £100

    Not as many cues as you'll get on Ebay from some Chinese company but you will get UK support and possibly some UKFR discount/freebies.

    I appreciate the shockingly low prices of some Chinese vendors on Ebay is tempting. Maybe some members who have bought similar systems to what you link to can comment on what they were like?
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    Just to chime in with an alternative view. I got 60 cues and the BILUSOCN device from Arrived quickly from China and works really well. Basically it’s the same as the eBay one you’ve posted only cheaper per cue as you buy direct from manufacturer.

    It comes with 15 x 4cue field modules and a firing box.

    It will sell on wish for about £135 give or take. Often there are voucher codes available.

    I know it’s not the best way to buy but for being on a budget it’s a lot of cues and flexibility and to be fair BILUSOCN in China offer pretty decent support compared to some.

    Worth checking out perhaps but as with anything cheap from China, not without its risks I guess. Wish does allow PayPal payment and you will get it back if delivery isn’t successful.

    They do many options with 12 up to 60 cues.

    I’m keeping mine as a failback but just bought into cobra as I’ll be doing some professional shows which the BILUSOCN device probably wouldn’t be suited for all the time.

    If you’d like more insight into it then PM me or look on YouTube or google for BILUSOCN firing system.
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  7. Products were temporary disabled while doing some back-end website updates. WPS tiny's are in stock!
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  8. We do a little 12 Chanel system for £75