Remote Firing

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    The one on Jordans is a wired system (it says remote, but that's based on using a long ethernet cable, not remote as in "wireless"). Their 25m lead is £15 on top. Igniters are £7.50 for 20.

    Firework Crazy's is a wireless system. It uses any ignitor but if you use theirs, Talons, they clip on the safety fuse (the idea being safety and simplicity) are they're selling them for £11 for 25 as an example.

    Both systems are simple to use and a good start in remote firing.
  2. So wireless is easier i suppose. Thanks for the feedback Pete and sorry for posting in the wrong place.
  3. CD661DC3-C7AF-4A1D-8681-C9DB62ADB4EA.jpeg I started with some of them a few years ago.
  4. Anyone selling a 24 cue system. Has to be as cheap as chips as its my first time but buying alot of pyro this year.