Ricasa to fire on new years eve at the port

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    From Valencia World events report:

    "The Marina de València will welcome the new year from Marina Norte, with some "bells" pioneers. For the first time in the city, on December 31 at 00.00 a pyrotechnic show will be held, by Ricardo Caballer (RICASA), which will begin with twelve warning thunder that will coincide with the twelve bells of the end of the year. Next, an intense fireworks display of more than 6 minutes and 255 kilos of regulated material will be fired. It will have twelve different sets and will be a hybrid between mascletà and castle, from less to more, "with the rhythm and intensity of the mascletà, the colorful and colorful castle and with a pre-final and final apotheosis", as explained by the own Ricardo Caballer. "I hope that this shot can be repeated for many years and become a tradition," says the pyrotechnic."

    Looking forward to some Youtube footage :)
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    Some video

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