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  2. Some very decent prices there on the selection boxes.
  3. Some really good prices! Thanks for posting. Do you think most stores will be selling?

    I might try and get to one tomorrow :)
  4. Very good prices, shame there isn't one local to me!:(
  5. Little stars at £49.99 is a bit extreme but other than that prices seem damn good :D
  6. Planning on picking up a couple of selection boxes, after dark and possibly those atlas rockets which look okay?

    -Going to try and give them a ring in the morning to check theyre stocking fireworks, and the ones on the website before I waste a journey, il let you know what they say!
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    £37:50 for rp spread :eek: saw that in a local garden centre at £55
  8. Just visited a rightway, these prices are all correct, most of the stuff on the website was instore.

    I picked up a couple of bits, will post once home! Thanks to tatty to posting because Id of had no clue about these without this post!
  9. Few bits Ive picked up include,

    Fire Phoenix fountain £6.49
    Odin £12.99
    Guy fawkes box £8.49
    Conspirators box £11.49

    Loads of others available instore too though.

    Anyone tried odin? Found two videos, both compeltly different, both look good though. Bore looks really big on this.
  10. Sad there all up north! :mad:
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  11. Glad I've been of some use.
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  12. They have added a load more fireworks to their website now!


    Have to say I didnt see any of these in the display cabinets so I presume its new stock they have just received.

    For the price I think this looks brilliant!

    Cosmic Jet Stream £5
  13. If only i was going past one of the shops...........

    I cant say i have ever seen those selection boxes before?
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    A lot of the the new cosmic gear in there, selections and prices do look on point though.
    I would definitely pick up the old school missions to mars, mission to venus cakes. Absolutely cracking little things that pack a punch if i remember correctly :)
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  15. Fab prices on the Royal Party gear
  16. Opinions on any of the rockets? Couldn't really seem to find a video of any.