Ring effect cakes

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  1. maxywell

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    Is there any technical reason why there's no decent ones around? Or is it just a case of them being seen as too niche and likely being poor sellers?
  2. Because to get the ring effect you need a shell, can’t have shells in retail cakes. A fair few ring effect pro cakes.
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    Whatever became of the Ghengis shell cake?
  4. It was deemed cat4
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  5. hofnerite

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    There are several ring effect cakes available in the US. Possibly bigger than 30mm though.
    It's easier as said above when you've got a sphere/shell/ball head rocket but can be done in cylindrical bombettes like a crossette but with more sections. I'd guess it's more labour intensive and not 100% reliable which is why we don't see them here.
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    Oh no it wasn’t............Oh yes it was :D
  7. Rob perry

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    Makes sense I know you can get giant rockets like a shell on a stick. Gets a bit tedious after a wile looking at rings but one or two add a bit of variety
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    Would be extremely difficult to produce a ring effect in a 30mm Tube. Remember that the 30mm is the ID of the tube, so the bombet is around 28mm, less wall thickness, makes the ID of the bombet around 24mm. So positioning stars in a ring around the inside of a 24mm tube would need tweezers and a long time...expensive!
  11. hofnerite

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    Length of tape, row of stars on it, wrap it around some BP.. I'd love to have a play with making bombettes because I think there are still lots of novel unique effects yet to be done. But none of them would be cost effective!
  12. Done Fettling

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    Anyone remember those rockets called circles in the sky ? I can not remember the brand maybe Standard !
    They produced a slow circle making gubbins that was quiet unique :)
  13. paul s

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    Would it be feasible to pop a 1” shell into a bombette tube to achieve compliance and create the desired effect?
  14. AF Pyro

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    Suppose technically possible...but would be a greatly reduced volume of pyro in it. Think of cylinder shells v spherical!
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  15. AF Pyro

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    Cost effectiveness if the issue...although there are many on here who would consider going for something like that...even at best you are talk maybe 100's of individual sales...the industry as a whole is 10,000's of units. So trying to get it made would also be a problem...
  16. hofnerite

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    Totally agree.
    Just wish there was still small scale UK manufacturing (and no CE needed) so things like this could be made in small batches, albeit at a premium price, for us connoisseurs.
  17. Tinderbox

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    Rings from bombettes would be possible. A short stubby 30mm with clayed ends pinching the ring of stars between and a dose of flash. The stars could be held in a tissue paper tube which would then be sandwiched and pasted between two card rings. A compact little thing almost as short as it would be long.

    The labour involved would make such a cake financially prohibitive to most and therefore deemed unsalable.
  18. Expensive as its not ideal for mass production .. but doable, we've been working on it.

    This is a brocade crown ring effect produced by one of our factory technicians.. 30mm ID tube bombette F3 >25g.

    49mm Rainbow Ring F4 (bombette)
  19. scoops

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    Nice máte, F4 especially...
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  20. Done Fettling

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    Nice . I bet that f4 has some clout to it in the flesh at 49mm :)