RIP Walter Zink

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  1. Walter Zink has passed away aged 85, the inventor of many of our great effects, including White strobe, I met him once at Nuremberg. A very lovely passionate man.
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    Did he invent strobing star formula or strobing bengal?
  3. Hang on I’ll book a medium :eek:
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    I spoke to Mike Swisher on Ned Gorski's forum I never really knew much about Walter Zink but I'm beginning to learn he was a great and much loved man. Mike said this:

    There were strobe stars long before Walter Zink. According to Myke Stanbridge, Arthur Brock developed an effect called "golden shimmeron" in the early 20th century. It was exhibited in the great "peace display" of 1919 in Hyde Park. See Myke's letter beginning on p. 3 of Pyrotechnica XII (June 1988), including the formula and manufacturing details.

    This being said, some of the earliest published information about the strobe effect was from German researchers, e.g., Krone and Wassmann (see Bob Cardwell's article in Pyrotechnica V [October 1979]). It is probable that Zink Feuerwerk was among the first commercial manufacturers to take advantage of strobe effects. Walter Zink was an ingenious and innovative pyrotechnist. I had the pleasure of treating him to lunch at my club here in St. Paul perhaps 25 years ago. He was visiting his daughter, who happened at the time to live in Edina.

    Sad news indeed.
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    Ned is a great guy