Rocket shootout hallmark fireworks vs funke fireworks

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  1. Lee boy

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    Just a taste of what’s to come ;)

  2. Lee boy

    Lee boy Supports UKFR

    Afternoon guys. Thanks for waiting, here’s the rockets shootout between funke fireworks and hallmark fireworks. And sorry about the swearing in advance ;).

  3. maxywell

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    The effects and hang time are better on the bomben, Hunters maybe have a slightly bigger break. It depends what people are after but personally I prefer the funke ones.
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  4. Lee boy

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    Me and you both mate. The funky ones was just in a league of their own
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  5. Tinderbox

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    Funke all the way. Those Hallmark are a bit lame. No tail on the motor and just basic titanium streamers spread out with plenty of flash. The Funke ones are way more thought out from the motors to the effects. Really nice rockets.
  6. geoff

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    They are both very good rocket packs but I think the Funke pack wins on effects and hang time. Once again thanks Lee.
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