rocket smoke?

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    One other issue would be getting the duration of the smoke grenade to match the lift time of the rocket.
  2. I’ve already asked for a pink/ blue smoke rocket. Let you know the feedback, as most gender reveals are in the day time I feel.
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  3. On the subject of Gender Reveal Rockets, @Vivid Pyrotechnics have teased us with the below image earlier today. It’s great to see what I believe is the UK’s first Gender Reveal Rocket and it’s a rarer effect too!

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    They look brilliant. Is that RRP correct though @Vivid Pyrotechnics? o_O:eek: (seems very cheap unless it's a Hawk Sized rocket?)
  5. NICE, those don't look like small rockets and for that price it's an absolute bargain ;)
  6. those look perfect for what I actually have planned.

    Almost time to start shopping so hopefully these will be in Stock somewhere :yetanother:
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    look good to me too, something new always good:)