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Discussion in 'Las Fallas' started by elmo, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. elmo

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    Had an email from Ryanair this afternoon, looks like their schedules are changing!!!
    Instead of going out on 13th March at 06.30 they have offered 12th at 18.30
    And my return flight was 20th at 11.00 but they have offered 19th at 18.30 !!!
    Errrrrrrr don’t think so !!!!
  2. Michael96

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    had flights going to Ireland multiple times this year and they all got cancelled still no money back yet even though the dates have passed from when i should of flew out
  3. elmo

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    They are now only going to VLC three times a week once a day, instead of twice a day every day :(
    Evening flights too, no early mornings
  4. blackbat

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    I had the flight change email this evening. Means I can cancel for free as I'm pretty sure there will be no Fallas next year :(
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  5. Regarding Ryanair, we had an outbound flight cancelled this summer, just the oubound one. And we got the voucher for that which we rejected and eventually got the refund. For the return one, which we obviously didn't need, we were lucky in that we got someone helpful in their chat who gave us a refund for that too. However had we not asked we wouldn't have got that back as the flight wasn't a cancelled flight. Hope that helps anyway.
  6. elmo

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    My flights no longer exist, Ryanair have cancelled them so therefore a straightforward refund
  7. Dodgey

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    Same here - flights cancelled today..... not a massive suprise. I so thought a few months ago that we would not be stumbling into this next March
  8. ah if both flights are actually cancelled then that's nice and simple.
  9. Damp Squib

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    I booked to go early early again next year - outbound got changed three weeks ago..
  10. Madfish

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    Yes, probably done us a favour, I cant see the event happening as we know it with such crowds in close proximity and them changing the dates has made a refund easier. I already have enough £'s in Ryanair vouchers from cancelled flights this year, just the long wait now to actually see it back in the bank.............:rolleyes:

    And after this years experience with the hotel bookings I made sure my booking for next march was cancellable!
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  11. blackbat

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    I cancelled my flights over the weekend and clicked the link for refund, then today got an email offering me a voucher, with another link to click to complete a customer verification form if I want a refund. The new link assumes I bought my flights from a screen scraper (which I didn't), so I've had to get in contact with Ryanair through their chat facility to get my refund request in (again).
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