Other Sainsburys fireworks 2012 - Plasmic Lights

Discussion in 'TNT Fireworks' started by Alfiejob, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. ok ok so I just bought supermarket fireworks.... whats worse is that its tnt.... but it was only £10.00 so I did this to show you guys how the shot tubes perform! enjoy, stash coming soon

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  2. Illusion Fireworks

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    Not bad that at all, nice silver strobe effect :)
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  3. They were better than expected!
  4. Pyro Pete

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    Thanks for doing and uploading this, I'll move the thread over to the review section :)
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  5. your welcome :)
  6. geoff

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    Surprised certainly better than expected.
  7. m00ny

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    Nice one, they are actually pretty good if im honest
  8. They look really good for the price, thanks for the review:)

    I had some of the shot tubes from sainsburys last year (standard) and they were rather good too for a supermarket.
    May wait til the weekend and see if any of the papers does the usual spend £15 and get £30 fireworks free deal :)
  9. PyroS

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    Yeah they were not bad at all, really surprised me actually. Shame I don't have a Sainsburys nearby!
  10. wonder if these are the same as asdas deep space 4 shot tubes.