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  1. Sainsburys are not doing fireworks this year in Torquay ..

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  2. It's country wide. They made the decision back in February I believe.
  3. No great loss there then!
  4. No not really , i used to buy the odd pack of shot tubes from there but that was it . Are sainsburys the only supermarket to stop or are others following suit?
  5. Pyro Pete

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    "Following a review of our firework sales performance and the total associated operating cost" - that's actually quite interesting. One would assume it's a similar story with other supermarkets but they are carrying on anyway.
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    A small win for our sponsors hopefully :p
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  7. Less berating of crap fireworks on here too. Everyone wins.
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  8. Sainsburys were by far the worst supermarket for pyro. No shock at all really and certainly no big loss. They always seemed to do far worse than everywhere else too, my local tesco, Asda, aldi, lidl etc do very well with pyro but sainsburys was always deserted
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    Clearly they're unhappy with their sales figures ... Maybe if they'd put a little effort into selling half decent fireworks instead of the tat that they sold, they'd of done better out of it. Nobody to blame but themselves.
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    There was a time when Sainsbury's consistently sold some of the better fireworks available from supermarkets. I bought a good number back in the early 2000's back in the early UKFR days before this forum and the notion of sponsors was fully up and running. I knew my local Sainsbury's manager quite well (I took part in opening a store built in my previous parish!) I was told that selling fireworks was at the discretion of the local store manager - so some sold and some didn't - and that stores in areas of high anti-social firework abuse were likely not to sell fireworks. Back then it seemed that taking a socially responsible line as a priority over potential profit was an option. These days it seems that only the profit and loss account seems to count across the supermarket retailing sector as a whole.
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    Do supermarkets have a buy back option on stock they don't sell? If not then it must be hard to justify selling pyro for a few if not most of them.Between all their stores i'm sure they sell a lot but there must be some stores that sell virtually nothing.I'm surprised that more of them haven't stopped over the last few years.
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    It will be interesting to see if other supermarkets follow suit. If they do I'm not sure it's good or bad for the industry as a whole.
    If regular supermarket joe public turn to specialist shops and are fully converted (safety advice included) then it might be a good thing.
    But from a different point of view, the majority of firework users moving from £5 selection boxes to compounds might be a bad move!
    I think the supermarkets act as a bit of a buffer zone between idiots and semi-pro fireworks that are too powerful for small gardens.
  13. The vast majority of fireworks used must be from the supermarkets. When I walk round town the day after bonfire night, I don't see rocket casings from War Hawks littering the streets. However I do see plenty of small Standard rockets from the local tesco store. If the supermarkets stopped selling pyro suddenly one year, that would be the beginning of the end for retail fireworks imo, as it takes it away from the mass market
  14. maxywell

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    Would agree with that! As soon as the number of shops selling them drops from in the thousands to a couple of hundred it'll be hard to recover.It'll become much more of a niche market and in some ways it'll be easier for the gov to ban or restrict them.
  15. I think this is right. If supermarkets stop selling fireworks they are no longer promoting BFN as an event to be celebrated by the masses. It will become less and less mainstream to hold private displays and the beginning of the end in my opinion. To an extent and in spite of the anti- brigade, it is still considered "normal" to let off fireworks on BFN and NYE as special occasions. This may not continue if fewer and fewer people are letting them off.
    Sadly, far more shelf space is already given in my local supermarket to Halloween than BFN.
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    Obviously I don't know the ins and outs of it all but i'd take a guess that Sainsburys are one of the worst supermarkets for pyro sales.They're usually one of the more negatively reviewed supermarkets on here, they've not had anything worth buying in a good while so while there might be more to come I highly doubt that all the rest are going to pack it in this year too.The others who i'd guess are more at risk are Tesco and Aldi but i'd expect all of them to have something in this year.It'll more likely be a gradual process of losing a couple every other year until there's only one or two and they'll likely see increases in sales when others stop selling them so I can't see no fireworks in any supermarkets happening anytime soon.
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    Even though I help run a pyro shop and work the odd pro show, seeing fireworks in supermarkets and corner shops fills me with that same excitement I used to feel as kid. I was well impressed with Morrisons small selection boxes last year. Excellent little fountains. I always stay away from supermarket rockets and cakes as they are usually watered down dross but I'm a right old sucker for a slecky box or two. Two for a tenner. Usually get a few boxes and keep them for when I need a fix out of season. Never bought from Sainsbury's. ASDA used to do some good small boxes but not tried them for a while.
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    Maybe Mrs Dorne has secured a seat on the board...:rolleyes:
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    Can anyone recall when supermarkets started selling fireworks? I'm pretty sure it's a fairly recent phenomenon. Last 30 years maybe ?
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    The issue if supermarkets stop selling pyro is that it maybe then considered more anti social and especially since the pyro we can access is way above the performance of most supermarket offerings. I am shocked at how good small cakes, fountains and rockets have got recently which is good for us but I do think supermarket pyro is a starting point and lead into the brands we know and love. A £5 box for a child is probably a lot more magical for them than going to an organised display as they can get up close and smell and handle it. A supermarket can be a way in for a lot of people, naturally people search online these days and I guarantee that most people coming to this forum have come here from supermarket / DIY stores which has been common theme that members on this forum have stated. Indirectly they actually help our sponsors as naturally they migrate to better stashes. Potentially it could effect sponsors in either a positive or negative way.
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