Sainsburys shelves just now

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    At the the going down of the sun,
    We shall remember them.

    But the ones who fought for our freedom and survived, shall suffer not from the enemies of war, but from the ones they fought so hard to save.

    Hang your heads in shame you greedy hoarding bastards.
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    Its all the oldies causing the problems
  3. 20200320_151522.jpg
    Is it really wise to wear the same clothes that have been coughed on all day to the supermarket?
  4. TONYB

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    a little help finding pasta .....
  5. TONYB

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    a little help finding toilet roll alternatives
  6. Escht

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    Now all we need is a reliable source of squirrels @TONYB

  7. Escht

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    and some of these......

  8. Here is my isolation pack! WE CAN DO THISSSS! :D Flip flops not included ;)

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    Full marks here! Made me laugh! Good to see Partridge fans on here :)
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    If only people hadn't panic bought all the matches, you'd have had a box of them to light the fireworks with.:(
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  11. Not as many Partidge fans on here as I imagined.

    This country!
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  12. Smell my cheese you mother!
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  13. You don't get many of those to the pound.

    The pigeon breasts you pervs! :p:p:p
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    Just so happens I have a nice stock of pigeon , rabbit, pheasant , duck and partridge in the freezer from the season just gone
    I’ve no need to go barging around tescos fighting over processed sausages :rolleyes:
  15. I popped round to my elderly neighbour today to see if she wanted any shopping. When she said she did, I gave her my list aswell. Save both of us going......
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    Do you do takeaways ??:D
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    Dammit, you just missed the cutoff point
    We have now been instructed to close the takeaway dept
    Sorry mate :rolleyes:
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  18. I asked the Mrs if she had a nurses uniform. She said 'are you feeling kinky', I said no, we just need some milk.