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    Aww cant see it
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    What was it?
  4. Still at Cobra Con. A most interesting thing happened in my fusing class. An MJG Initiator ( don't say electric match) went off. I was showing someone in the class how to connect the match in series using wire as an example and it went off. I reviewed the incident with Jeff from MJG who also happens to be at the convention. As best we can determine it was static electricity. I was wearing a polyester polo and the match with cover still intact touch a plastic chair surface. We came to this conclusion because the match still test good on continuity via a Cobra system. Jeff from MJG now has the match and will look at it through a microscope. I do not have the event on video but it was witnessed. In all my years of using electric match of any type this is the first time I witnessed this. Jeff said I was lucky because when this happens, you are usually not around to tell the story. To review, the shroud was on the match head, however the wires were not shunted. Jeff and I reenacted the event on video to memorialize its occurrence in the classroom and surrounding. You hear us describe it when I release my video. The product was a MJG Firewire Initiator.
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    A good reason to keep your wires shunted untill plugging in...
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    And to think the BPA spent £20k odd researching this and you did it for free....
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    Having seen Dave's video this morning where he went into more detail it seems the static spark hit the match head and ignited it that way rather than current running down the wire. In this case shunting would not have made a difference.... Which is even more worrying! :eek:

    Although if the match is in the product there's no way of it happening this way. And if it's also shunted then you've got your arse doubly covered.
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    Yeah I think it was something like that, to be honest I can't remember. They did release a report as well which was some what underwhelming considering the money spent. They spent the money making tests you can do at home which was utterly pointless due to the lacking scientific basis. For that money i would have booked time on a static testing facility and start zapping igniters, rather than go all blue Peter lol.
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    Ah, different :eek:
    Don't set up in a thunderstorm with lightning then:p
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    Or wear Spandex! ;)
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    Theres a company replacing e match with there own universal match system
  14. More info?