Cake/Barrage Screaming Banshee

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  1. In this video I fire a 25 shot Screaming Banshee barrage from Vivid Pyrotechnics. The effects had awesome deep howling whistles and finally burst at an unbelievable altitude. As the serpents have an unpredictable flight the spread was vast and due to their eerie sound I feel this firework would be ideal for Halloween. NEC count 472g.

    Category: F2

    Hazard Class: 1.3g

    Bore size: 25mm

    NEC: 472g

    RRP: £32.99

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  2. Pyro Pete

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    This is one of my favourite firework effects, love this.

    Great filming too @Duskyfuse this type of effect is notoriously hard to film.
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  3. Thank you Pete, you are not wrong! You can't tell from the video but I had to literally point the camera straight up and perpendicular to the ground whilst still trying to watch the screen and make sure that the effects were somewhat centred.
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  4. I have video of this cake just done on my little camera and it came out o.k., i love these howler cakes!
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