Selection box collection + posters etc

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    Thought I'd share a bit of history :) This is more documenting some of what I have, but its pretty cool :)
    01-IMG_9056.JPG 02-IMG_9057.JPG 03-IMG_9058.JPG 04-IMG_9059.JPG 05-IMG_9060.JPG 06-IMG_9061.JPG 07-IMG_9062.JPG 08-IMG_9063.JPG 09-IMG_9064.JPG 10-IMG_9065.JPG 11-IMG_9066.JPG 12-IMG_9068.JPG 13-IMG_9070.JPG 14-IMG_9071.JPG 15-IMG_9072.JPG 16-IMG_9073.JPG 17-IMG_9074.JPG 18-IMG_9075.JPG 19-IMG_9077.JPG 20-IMG_9078.JPG 21-IMG_9079.JPG 22-IMG_9080.JPG 23-IMG_9081.JPG 24-IMG_9082.JPG 25-IMG_9083.JPG 26-IMG_9084.JPG 27-IMG_9085.JPG 28-IMG_9086.JPG 29-IMG_9087.JPG 30-IMG_9088.JPG 31-IMG_9089.JPG 32-IMG_9090.JPG 33-IMG_9091.JPG 34-IMG_9092.JPG 35-IMG_9093.JPG 36-IMG_9094.JPG 37-IMG_9095.JPG 38-IMG_9096.JPG 39-IMG_9097.JPG 40-IMG_9100.JPG 41-IMG_9101.JPG 42-IMG_9102.JPG 43-IMG_9103.JPG 44-IMG_9105.JPG 45-IMG_9107.JPG 46-IMG_9108.JPG 47-IMG_9111.JPG 48-IMG_9112.JPG
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    Totally from my specific era from when I was absolutely hooked. Though, you can keep your Chinese and Malaysian imported goods. There's a few critters in there. I must have sold literally thousands of packs of those Sonic FX rockets in my shop too. Terrible things. Noisy as hell and send sharp plastic everywhere. Glad they've gone to be honest. I am so sad the old blue touchpaper days are over.

    I would say I was first hooked around the very early 1980's. Pre BS7114. Was born 77 so probs about 5ish when I fist cheekily opened my first cellophaned selection box and was screamed at when my mam caught me with all the items out on the table, fondling and smelling them. Magical times. Thanks for sharing your touchpaper items. Brings it all back.
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    nice collection of 90s stuff , pyro ed .
    thanks for showing .
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    No worries. I need to do the same with my single stuff. I find it pretty exciting to look through these selection boxes. I NEVER thought I'd manage to get my hands on a Diamond selection that's for sure!!
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    Awesome collection Pyro Ed. Great to see, thanks.
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  6. Nice. I like the Feu-De-Joie, always wanted one, think I might have had one in a box in the past.
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    I cant remember specifically what it does to be honest. Fountain with stars I guess.
  8. Think its a silver rain/jewel fountain with an animated or star shell candle and a screamer/hummer candle. There's a Chinese version too.
  9. Fountain and candle combination with a noisy finale, i had one every year.
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    Thanks. Is it strange that every time I see my pics above, it makes me really happy hahaha!!!