Selection of Vivid Cakes on showcase at Abingdon Firework Festival

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  1. Was great to meet some of you guys at the Abingdon Firework Festival & appologies if I missed you! Have to say @Illusion Fireworks put on a fantastic event.

    Our sister company @Fire Monkey Pyro showcased some of our noisier display cakes during their opening Mascaleta - we've now added the product codes of each cake for your reference.

    All the cakes are Display quality Cat3 and available from most of your favourite sponsors :)

    Looking forward to Arley Hall this weekend were we'll be using some of the more colourful effect cakes.

    Thanks to @hofnerite for the video!
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  2. Jon

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    Some really great product! It's different and I like it!!
  3. scoops

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    Can't say enough how impressed I was with the product last night, the colours, height, timings...... Was expecting good but seriously,in a retail context they're sublime
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