Settling a decade old debate!

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    With some spare time on my hands I have been able to post this very belated video which was filmed during the 'West Midlands Hawk Shootout' way back in November. The final leaderboard placings were decided as a group and the individual ratings are my personal opinion. I hope that most agree with our findings and all enjoy the video!

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    Good work there, Craig.
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    Really good and yes I personally agree with your findings Spot on.
    Thank you ,exactly the sort of post I used to go to , to help sort the good from the not so good.
    And the fact that you judge , on flight patter, height of break , consistency all key info to know ! Great work sir.
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  4. great video very informative especially for newbies
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    Good work, this will be so useful when the War Hawk questions start... and they will... :D
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    Well that seems fairly conclusive. Job done.
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