Cake/Barrage Shanghai Cyclones

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  1. In this video I fire a 16 shot Shanghai Cyclones barrage from Jonathan's Fireworks. The firework had superb spinning tails that were delightful to watch and for its finale fired a volley of shots simultaneously. NEC count 196.8g.

    Category: F2

    Hazard Class: 1.4g

    Bore size: 25mm

    NEC: 196.8g

    RRP: £19.99

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  2. paul s

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    Craig, are the bursts still all silver?

    I always felt it needed colour peony’s to really fulfill its potential.
  3. maxywell

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    That was my thoughts too, it's decent but it's no ding dong.
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  4. Yes the bursts are entirely silver Paul. It's a nice firework, which would look fantastic in multiples, but it's certainly no Twisted Turtles which produces similar tails with more spectacular bursts.
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  5. paul s

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    A missed opportunity, maybe.