Cake/Barrage Shellscape - Premium Cakes Selection

Discussion in 'Shellscape Fireworks' started by pyrobrit, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. pyrobrit

    pyrobrit Pro Firer/Crew

    This is CAT 4 cakes so not retail.
    Part numbers in the video

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    I wish someone could get videos of their CAT3 cakes, they are missing a trick.

    No doubt they're great, but it's evident that decent vids of excellent pyro in the community help sales. Just look at the furor over Warhawks, Boneshaker and RP Diamonds/Sapphires.
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  3. Chesterfield Fireworks

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    Is that a 2013 Shellscape demo??
  4. pyrobrit

    pyrobrit Pro Firer/Crew

    That was filmed three weeks ago. Just happened to be there when they were testing some items that they didn't have videos for so stuck my camera up as well.

    In answer to their cat 3 vids. Yes it's good product but they have no cat 3 stock until after BFN so little point in putting old video up.
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  5. Cat 4? I'll have two lots cheers :D they do look amazing