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  1. And even higher. A customer of mine who was paying £2.5k last year, was quoted £18K to bring in garden furniture last week and at the same time a different shipping company was asking how much he was prepared to pay, due to lack of space and going to the highest bidder!

    Things are going to get very expensive and I can see further surcharges coming on already increased prices.
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    It looks like getting stuff in as soon as possible might be the way to go, i can't see much of an improvement for the rest of the year and when christmas goods start coming over the prices might go even higher.
  3. Sorry meant $$$
  4. Mmmmmm, shipping from Cornwall would be lots cheaper. o_Oo_O
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  5. Wondering "what's the latest" in regards to shipping prices?
  6. Think it's about $32k but with very limited space, if any.
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    At least it hasn't went up anymore in the last month or so.
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    hasnt dropped either :(
  9. Henan wouldn't really affect things - unless of course the rain went a bit south.

    All in all though it's a right kerfuffle this year. We just paid $31,500 for one container freight - and I would willingly pay for another couple right now if it meant that we would get them in. It's no longer an issue of money, it's who can get the vessel.
  10. I believe they closed the firework factories on 20th June to celebrate '100yrs of the communist party'. There was meant to be a licence they could apply for to open up for a short while before the end of July/August closure for temperature reasons which happens every year. Don't think many, if any opened up for production again and will be closed now until September.
  11. They were told they could re open on 6th July but this was reneged on and now everything is a bit of a pickle.

    Re open on 1st September so if the stuff isn't ready to ship now it's screwed - IMHO
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    I agree with Warren, if it isn't ready now it's unlikely to get here for November. Even if the product gets finished in the first two weeks of September it has then got to get CIQ (which seems to be taking longer than normal) and find space on a ship. Once a container is packed in Liuyang it is around 48 days till it arrives in the UK. Its not going to be an easy season for any importer and I would imagine that there could well be some stock shortages.
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  13. I'm very happy to be told otherwise but it's my understanding that it's only one vessel per month and that leaves around 12th - 14th, so, the goods need a week to travel up the river and load so unless the goods can be finished in September within 4 days you can forget November. I reckon on average about 33% will get here.
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    I think its two vessels per month, but each importer is only being offered one space per month. There was some space to Southampton but I had heard one company booked all the available slots....
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    Price of fibreglass matting and resins have gone up yet again due to shortages
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    I know this is off topic a little but what happens if you had a container fall of the ship? Would it be insured or would you get money back?
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    :eek: If that ever did happen lets just hope it's TNT...
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    Yes we carry insurance to cover that. I think most importers do.