Shops in the Midlands?

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  1. Can anyone recommend any shops in the Midlands that have a good stock of fireworks?

    Brands such as klasek, zeus, primed etc etc ?,

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  2. Michael96

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    Probably better off looking on the sponsor map as you'll be able to have a better look.
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  3. Depends which part of the midlands you're on about ?
  4. I'm based over dudley way but would travel
  5. Not sure then garden centre over rugeley might sell them but best bet is sponsor on here, make a day trip out of a few different ones even
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  6. Lee boy

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  7. Pyro Pete

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    As stated above, have a look first at my Sponsor map (these are companies that advertise here and many have been part of the UKFR community for years so are a safe bet to spend your money at):

    If there's no Sponsor suitably near then have a look at the general fireworks shop map. This lists the infidels who are not Sponsors but can be used in case of emergency. Importantly, these are specialist shops still, so will be more likely to offer premium brands and good advice:

    If your budget is suitably large, say >£100 or £150 etc. then mail order might well be the best way to go - delivered to your door.
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  8. Always welcome to nip across and have a brew. I’m sure we could put something good together ;)
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    Just add a extra 1-2 zeros at the end of your budget
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  10. I'll be up soon mate
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