Cake/Barrage Silver Spirals

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  1. No. of Shots: 16
    Approx Firework Duration: 24 Sec
    Firework Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm x 12cm
    Bore Size: 20mm
    Firework Classification: 1.4G
    Safety Distance: 25 Metres
    Vertical or Fan: Vertical
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  2. Tinderbox

    Tinderbox Pro Firer/Crew

    Nice. I used to use a 49 shot 30mm cake from Celtic with those center cored spinners. Really nice effect. Look like spiral galaxies.
  3. Had this last year and it's a great little firework!
  4. I thought it was cat2? Not that big is it with 25m safety distance?
  5. It is cat 2 but for some reason epic stick with 25m safety Distance.
  6. Duskyfuse

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    I thought that I would share my own firing video here. This is a great low noise firework and would add excellent variety to any display.

  7. paul s

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    Good, full spins.
  8. Golden lion produced an amazing 8 shot candle called clustering bees same effect. I was lucky and got 20 for 10 quid in clearance along with whistle ones
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  9. danielpyronutter

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    Its a great little cake and great value also.
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  10. Its like a smaller version of Spin Doctor from Celtic
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  11. BarnOwl

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    Superbly replicated by Epic from the old Black Cat classic (which Epic also used to sell). Stunning, professional effect from this little beauty. Always been a firm favourite, and always gets a great audience reaction.
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  12. BarnOwl

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    Sounds good, but for some reason I don't remember Clustering bees from GL? Do you have any pictures of them?
  13. paul s

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    Red Dragon had a 36 shot Clustering bees, before their affiliation with BS.
  14. Yes my mistake red dragon clustering bees still have a couple but in storage somewhere il try and dig them out. 8 shot roman candle and a whistle one also had demon wrath mines too very good.