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Discussion in 'Supermarket Fireworks' started by PyroFanaticPhil, Sep 30, 2015.

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    Sima seem to be stocking a bit of Cosmic this year, some of the large pieces are well discounted. The rocket selection is good too!
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  2. There was also a seasonal shop with bright star stock in kent. They're doing 2 packets of war hawks for £19.99. Also they're doing Proton bomb ex(£9.99) and thunderbolt ex(£14.99); great value
  3. Ex ? Vat is included in the price
  4. "Ex" meaning "Extreme" i'd assume..
  5. My bad haha sorry
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    Well, those prices are blown out of the water by some of their 'peers'. Wonder how they like it.
  8. Call me sad, but I always wanted one of those Haunted Houses - it's nice to see they're still around even if I won't be visiting Sima any time soon.
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    Just thought people might want to know I got a mailing list email from sima today saying they are closing down
  10. They are excellent novelty fireworks, still have one in my stash. I was told they had stopped making them :(
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    Just checked the website and it mentions closing down the instore business but continuing to trade online. Since their fireworks are for collection only, I presume that means the fireworks part of the business will cease, since there'll be no store to collect from. Or maybe Sima will resurrect that business as an online with home delivery business.
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    I no they are loosing there store/warehouse due to the rent going up, wether they have another warehouse locally where you could collect tbh I only live 5 mins from them I didn't even know they did online!,