'Single Shot Fountain'?

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  1. Hey guys. I can't hold myself back from it, I've begun some light planning for my Bonfire night "Pyromusical" this year. I have already got a friend to mix me the 4 tracks together :D:D. Anyway....

    I have some parts of 1 of the songs that I feel would really benefit from the addition of some fountain type single shots. I hope I can get across what I mean as I am struggling with googling it LOL.

    I believe they are more frequently used on stage. The thing I'm trying to find is like a fountain. It sprays sparks up into the air like a fountain would but it's like a single burst of them rather than a continuous stream. Any help in finding these or at least the correct terminology so I can more effectively search for them would be very very much appreciated.
  2. Think what your looking for are Gerbs/jets Wells fireworks sells them.
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    Sounds like you want mines - multiple stars lifting in one shot, eg:

    These are three inch mines and RRP £18 each though and there's no others on the market of that size.

    If you want smaller then the only place is Pete @The Powder Keg who orders a limited quantity in to satisfy us enthusiasts on here. Last year I got some crossette and whistle mines from Pete. They are 50mm and a lot cheaper than the 3" mines.

    As @Locky Smith mentioned above, Wells do lots of single shot mines, comets and fountains. They are not cheap but they are top British made quality. Surcharge of £20 if you order less than £100 from Wells but they do deliver for a reasonable fee.

    There are literally no single shot comets in F2 or F3 on the market any more - CE put pay to those back in 2017 but again Pete does bring in a limited quantity so if you message him and get your order in very early he might be able to get some for you.

    Where abouts are you in the country @Lord_Radford ?

    These are the Klasek 30mm comet tail single shots from Pete:
  5. Gerbs! Exactly what I'm after thanks!!
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    The tend to be called jets at less than one second and gerbes for 1 second or more.
    Available from LeMaitre, Viking (Ramsgate) and Wells. But sit down when they tell you the price, plus delivery and VAT.
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  7. Those 30mm ones look good. Would love to get my hands on them if they're not too dear. What category are they though?
    I'm in derby
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    They are F3 and a couple of quid a piece, easily accessible QM. Great for sweeps, fans and musicals.
  9. Nice. Does Pete order them in in mixed effect or as singles of the same effect. Might have to work out where I want them in the display and how many lol
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    This year it was just one type - green glittering willow tail but *hopefully* he'll be able to bring a few flavours in next time? @The Powder Keg
    These were boxes of 20 of the same type. The 50mm F3 mines came in boxes of 4.
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    Stage gerbs. Come in half second bursts.
  12. Or a quarter of a second. Or a whole second.
  13. Nice to see that someone pays attention on the course!
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    The usual category for gerbes and jets is T1 (T for theatrical, 1 for smaller than 2!!!)
    T1 theatrical pyro is available to all users for the money. Gerbes and jets are sold by height and duration usually in imperial feet and seconds but read the label or the sales blurb.
    Gerbs are all normally fused from the top ie they blow the igniter out of their nozzle first, JETS may well be fused from the bottom ie the ig is in the plug and stays there. SO READ THE LABEL to see which way up things go!
    If an item is T2 then it is usually larger or more hazardous and the seller should ask to see proof of training and insurance before supplying them.