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Discussion in 'Firework Events And Displays' started by elmo, Aug 12, 2018.

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    and worthy winners :)
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    Well done guys
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    Thanks @elmo ! Lots more video links and pics on our facebook page too as well as Freakpyromaniacs who took some excellent Stills.

    We were invited to a number of international competitions this year but due to other commitments on dates decided to do just one and so glad we chose this one.

    An experience from start to finish. We went with no expectations and not even a single shot. Straight clean traditional show was the aim and see how it was recieved.... apparently very well.

    With just 4 crew, 1 day fuse and 1 afternoon rig, we are all chuffed, Barry (Dragon Fireworks), Harry (Selstar Fireworks) and Mark (Fireworx Scotland), true pleasure to have you all on site for a “weekend off” and epic road trip!

    Lets see what 2019 holds...! 1743875B-72BC-4778-B62E-2236D850DDDB.jpeg
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    Great work mate, the show had a lovely clean, simple and quality feel to it :)