Cake/Barrage Skycrafter real McKay

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  1. danielpyronutter

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    Price £229 rrp ( paid under half that)
    104 shot
    30 mm

    Video from the brothers review night.

    Actual product nothing like the above unfortunately, utter pants.

    The name also has no bearing on the product, maybe that's why they mispelt it, someone should make a firework called the real mcoy that actually has more power than a fart underwater.
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  2. danielpyronutter

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    Skip to 25.45-27.45, centre cake.

    Flanked by first 2x Wizard 12 sorcerer 20mm then emperor nuclear fusion 30mm.

    Sorry but I'm extremely dissapointed with this, it looks like 2 completely different fireworks.
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  3. paul s

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    The breaks certainly appear inferior to those siding it. Previously I would have said it's 1.4 against 1.3, so to be expected. But nowadays good 1.4 is comparable in terms of burst size.
    The second half says it all.
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  4. @danielpyronutter thanks for sharing your experience. This is one of the reasons why I stopped stocking Skycrafter/Brothers a couple of years ago. The doubled RRPs don't help either...

    Out of interest what would you say is a realistic/fair price for the product you fired?
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  5. There seems to be a few videos of this compound online and one of which I believed to show this compound fired on UK soil. Looking at the item on Jordans Fireworks I noticed a foot note which reads "The video shown is a pre-production model, the production version lasts about a minute and a half." Having read this I then went back to the online videos and alas every one I could find were half this duration which leads me to believe that all widely published video until this point has been 'pre-production'.

    It is a let-down for retailers as well as customers when items fail to deliver as promised however it is good to see that most sponsors are now showing this item as sold-out or have it at a heavily discounted clearance price which would reflect its performance. As customers we can't say fairer than that and in the long-run it's only the supplier who will suffer.
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    Seems they have done a lot of 'false' advertising recently.................:mad:
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    I wouldn't buy it as it's not for an enthusiast, maybe 50-60 but for me still wouldn't bother as I found it boring, general public in a medium back garden it would probably be ok.
  8. Redemption?
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  10. Thanks Dan,
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    If I were an importer I'd ensure a sample of product was fired prior to distribution to retailers. Any short comings would be duely noted, advised to the supply chain and prices adjusted to allow quick sell through at a realistic cost for the actual quality of the piece. This would at least allow retailers to have confidence in the importer and customers to buy at value for money prices. Hiding defect product or overstating performance does nobody any good in the longer term.
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  12. danielpyronutter

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    By the way not having a go at anyone who is stocking the real McKay as u have also been misled and I have had great pyro from you at great prices, you know who you are.
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    Yep the thing that really pisses me off is that all those skycrafter cakes that were fired at the demo night look like they have been intentionally souped up to impress retailer's who have then put large orders in.
    Also us as the end consumers see these videos and think wow that looks amazing then the actual product looks to have been deliberately watered down prior to import.