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  1. That time of year again where im starting to think about this year's display. Hopefully can go ahead this time round!
    Been asked if we could leave big rockets out of the display due to people complaining about finding the sticks in there garden, so was looking for suggestions on small/medium rockets that would fill a gap more than form part of the display/finale.
    I'm guessing the best type would be the "hawk" type but having fired most of the ones available I was looking for other ideas, or a new "hawk" variant could take my fancy?
    Not going to be firing volleys either so would need to have a bigish burst.

    Any ideas guys ??
  2. Any of the Funke rockets would foot the bill, even the small ones are excellent and any of the Primed rockets too.
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  5. Those Reapers look stunning! Does anybody know the NEC count? Given Vivid’s ability to produce very bright colours I expect that they could be the hawk to beat!
  6. Lol
  7. 68g I believe
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    Those Reapers look very interesting, don't forget you have the Funk Bomben, himmelsturmer etc also which are outstanding and different.
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  9. Was thinking some of the funke would be nice, just a pain that only two shops stock them :(

    The brand's I can remember firing personally are bright star, night star, menshun, Celtic, hallmark, firework king and primed. Fired the double burst ones too but didn't like them.
    Seen videos of others and was at the west mids hawk shoot out. Your ones look very nice and have really good reviews, I look forward to some footage of the vivid ones to see where they stand.
  10. The small Funke rockets we had NYE were incredible for the size, great effects and crazy hang time. For £12 Cannot be beaten for the size and price in my experience so far
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    Hallmark Sky Hunters went down very well for us last year.
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  12. Sky Raider from Primed are great for the size and hawks so many to go at with The Rocks, Absolutes version and now Vivids version ..... ooohhhh did i mention Lightning Hawks as well lol
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  13. We are trying to figure a way of having some other stockists.
  14. Goldfunken, Bomben, Himmelssturmers,kometen, Super- bomben , these i would say are the best rockets in the UK having fired them and compared them to all other rockets that are available these vary from 20g-100g.
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  16. Another pack that are really good are Luna Rockets from Zeus, only 1.4 but still a decent bang and nice, bright colours and effects.
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    The smaller packs from Epic were always pretty good for the size & price
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  18. count me in for some
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  19. Primed moonshot rockets are unreal for the size, tiny aswell so hardly any fallout
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