Smaller fanned pieces.

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  1. This year I plan on having a heavily fanned display. As the show starts I shall fire smaller cakes as an angled pair, I also have celtic candles which I will fire in a fanned pattern. I am after recommendations on smaller fans that are good value for money, these will be used in the first half of the display.

    I am thinking along the lines of Tai Pans Screaming Eagles, Epic's Moving Target, Tracer Bullet and Mighty Mouse, Black Cat's Sky Jacks, Standard's Arctic Fire, Bright Star's Area 51 and so on.

    I already have some larger Firework King, Evolution, Sky Crafter and Celtic fanned items so i'm really after pieces that will build up to the larger stuff.
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    Not really cheap cheap but these are all decent fans at the sub £50 end of the market...

    Jorge Hokus Pokus (only 10s)
    Celtic Go Whistle
    Zeus Whistling Waves
    Celtic Jelly Beams
    Celtic Magnificent Seven
    Celtic Fork Handles
    Zeus Titanium Thunder slice
    Kimbolton Zip Zap
    Klasek Airshow
    Klasek Jaga
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  3. I had pyroshow "Zensation Spinner to Titanium Thunder." It's like a fan of 10 shots that fires really quickly. not sure if it suits what you are looking for as it is really quick, but i loved it.
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    Klasek Goldman is really nice :)
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    Bright star battle of midway
    Klasek signature 33 and 66 shot
    Hallmark fire and ice
    Hallmark thriller
    Absolute wipe out
  6. Take a look at ‘Black Hole’ and ‘Survivor’ from Evolution Fireworks, They are a new brand to the market but don’t let that put you off
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    Survivor looks good
  8. I picked Black Hole up last week, It's certainly very well made and the online video looks great! I'll take a closer look at Survivor.

    IMG_3021.JPG IMG_3022.JPG
  9. Tai Pan (Absolute) Candy Flies - smallish cake but HUGE breaks!

    Perhaps not quite what your after...
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    One of the best small fanned pieces I used last year was Infinity & Beyond by Thunder Mountain. Perfect CAT2 finale piece as is fires 5 banks of 5 fanned shots at a time! :)