Cake/Barrage Snow Flake To Avalanche

Discussion in 'Sky Crafter' started by POB's Pyro, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. RRP: £9.49 (2016)
    Category: 2 - 8m
    Shots: 12
    Duration: 25 seconds
    Shape: Straight
    Class: 1.4G

    Our video:

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  2. Great for the price and yes they were bogof
  3. I've got these on my order- looks like a lower noise, but not quiet, so perfect firework for a smaller out of season show?
  4. Fired this in the rain, I have another so will fire that at some point in the future for a second opinion! Very neat and tidy bursts from this little cake, quite similar to a good little rocket- a loud "pop" rather than a boom (which is good for f2) and then a burst that sort of spiders out.

    i'd say as with many things labelled f2, give maybe 20 metres to get a good view as it goes quite high even for a small cake. would be a great cake for a smaller family show as it is pretty without being too loud
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  5. paul s

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    It's interesting that in the video above every green burst is smaller than the rest. Obviously those particular pre-made bombettes came from a tight wad..:toldoff:
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  6. I see what you mean from the vid, yeah! I don't notice that "in the flesh," but then often don't notice specifics when firing. I still have the other to fire so will pay atention! mine are 2016 spec so might be from the same batch.
  7. Duskyfuse

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    Interestingly I discovered that this firework is also included in SkyCrafters 'Supremacy' barrage pack under the name of 'Whop'. The Supremacy set has a few cakes in disguise and I discuss these on the following unboxing video-

    You can view Snow Flake to Avalanche being fired as Whop at 1:20 on the link below.

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  8. paul s

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    That video should prove very useful to many potential buyers; well done. :)
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  9. Duskyfuse

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    Thanks Paul, Appreciated.
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  10. Great video @Duskyfuse looks like a good pack, but the asking price of 450!! good value at 100 though. i got my cakes buy one get one free and think that is good value.
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  11. Duskyfuse

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    Cheers Nick! If you look at the NEC of Supremacy even at £249.99 it's a good buy for 3713 grams of 1.3g powder.