So when did Standard drop prices for size codes ?

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  1. I think at some point the Size 2 1/2 items became Size 3. I'm guessing they must have been really struggling with increased production costs.
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  2. blackbat

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    I remember the size 2 1/2 blue and red rockets becoming size 3. Couldn't say when though. Mid 80s maybe?
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  3. Whizzbang

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    The size 21/2 changed to size 3 in 1981,according to the price lists I have.
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  4. Ah, that dates me. For some reason I thought it was later than that.
  5. Escht

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    Took a while but found it.
    SALE OF BANGERS253.jpg
    This little message points to general sale of fireworks having started in September, I can't remember that happening so not sure how old this item is.
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    Found the perfect new home for the above notice...........