Cake/Barrage Soaring Eagle

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  1. RRP: £65.00
    Manufacture: Planet Fireworks
    Category: BS Cat 3
    Safety Distance: 25m
    Shots: 100
    Bore: 18mm
    Shape: Straight, Vertical
    Class: 1.4G
    Duration: 40 sec (approx)
    Multi coloured bursts with crackling tails and blinking strobes

    Firmed at a Firework Emporium - Dynamic Fireworks 2013 demo night
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  2. ambientskies

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    Fired a few of these over the years, like the constant flow of shots & colours. Did fire two of these together angled out, timing wise there was 20 seconds difference between them, but that's not a problem if just using one. Good cake look out for deals though ;)
  3. Great Northern Fireworks

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    Very rare for these big Brothers pieces.