Selection Box / Pack Soiree

Discussion in 'Jonathan's Fireworks' started by Jimmywhizz, Oct 19, 2019.

  1. Price Circa £20
    9 Fireworks
    NEC 205.3g
    Cat 2

  2. I bought this last year. I thought it was OK, but not the huge step in quality I expected (after being told how much they'd improved from the year before.) . In fact I preferred the Weco Bonfire Star box I bought in 2017. It was a toss up between Jonathans and the small Viper box though, so looks like I was set to be underwhelmed whichever way I went. I appreciate it's the entry level box, but I just didn't see enough to justify the "premium label" tag. Maybe it's just me. I was going to get an Evolution box this year, but decided to wait until a few have been fired and decide......