Some items that I’ve restored and sold this year

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  1. Richard Lane

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    This year has been a busy time in my restoration world and here are some of my sales items successfully moved on to new homes. Richard. 33F48D90-AD91-4358-8042-6F8863D252EF.jpeg 8E8F28CC-BD47-4D7F-8BA6-5B522B2D4178.jpeg EDF4E458-225D-4313-9075-3E7F7FFA0464.jpeg 894CE9C4-F496-40FB-8BDC-40824A771B66.jpeg 7A76E88E-61A3-424B-917D-BBC3178C74A1.jpeg 8340EDE3-3DC0-4B25-BCFE-ED7EBFCE6ADC.jpeg 1E30A0C3-0CE9-435B-BCB0-0347079FC228.jpeg 71A8B558-3D00-4069-9A61-71B4263BF9A8.jpeg 144B75CA-233A-432B-ACB7-A898A945618A.jpeg 13CA9088-5C85-4989-B02F-607970A9B8E7.jpeg 41AB9F6C-38E5-4198-AA1D-A8CF1C1418A9.jpeg 27BD0C1B-F2F9-46B5-8F38-FFCBCD3DC9EB.jpeg F5455C67-E3B3-4357-A191-36C314A26607.jpeg 21C5C768-867D-4616-9695-E7ED6BB001F5.jpeg 611BEE8D-4652-41C8-B158-E272C7C58514.jpeg 99173A03-E418-4EF7-B509-F88473F1896C.jpeg 551621C0-E064-4FDB-B361-A4C61EAFA6B0.jpeg 0B679C7B-49D5-4197-9DE5-D5FB12C6120E.jpeg BAF8D30A-D3F6-4C77-BCE8-FE81377760B6.jpeg 7A39CBD2-41C2-4F2B-A6E6-7BCD76CA7D84.jpeg 71A55BB1-2F7F-4C6B-914F-6872BF340947.jpeg EA1E7623-A283-4E8C-BBD2-C98A3EFCE9E7.jpeg AF20DDAD-16EC-4CE6-B3A5-2D2EF8154A5D.jpeg ADF3C534-B1E5-4BA4-A32E-A5CE6E544070.jpeg D31E1FD7-3137-472A-A34E-9AEA280AAAC1.jpeg F39E7CD4-6033-44E5-AABF-D71A45AFBD8B.jpeg 71031A57-6142-4E71-BDF3-88B39B0BE4D8.jpeg C55895C8-9D82-4EB1-9E35-5D9609C8B007.jpeg
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    top work there!
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  4. Great stuff! Well done, sir!
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  5. Richard Lane

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    Thanks to you both!:D:)…Richard
  6. excellent work Richard
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  7. Richard Lane

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    Thank you kind sir:D:)
  8. BarnOwl

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    Fantastic work as ever there Richard :)
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  9. Richard Lane

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    Thanks chap…great to be appreciated! :rolleyes::)
  10. Look amazing Richard.
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  11. Richard Lane

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    Thanks indeed.
    There’s a lot of work goes into these rebuilds and it’s nice that people appreciate it.
    I love doing it’s so gratifying seeing the end results when the things that you have spent your life enjoying being rejuvenated and starting their lives again.
    There are many “tricks of the trade” in this as I’m sure can be imagined but it’s great fun and very very rewarding!
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  12. Saltpetre

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    Very nice - I am wondering what the starting point was ?
  13. Richard Lane

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    The starting point was way way back in my teens…(I’m 74 now!)…I thought to myself it was a pity to just Chuck these smashing spent fireworks away and so the rest is history!!!:rolleyes:
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  14. Richard Lane

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    I’ll be posting some more shortly in the new year so watch this space as they say !!:rolleyes::confused::)