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    EDF80CEF-E408-4CF9-BC10-6E0156CFDDB0.jpeg 00E46CA9-C236-406F-B045-130D4FFCEBA0.jpeg 99F55C4E-0F2F-48B0-9936-55C2813CC677.jpeg 21F6A60D-736C-4183-8CE5-1F235371F222.jpeg Just got these, the last photo are dummies if anyone is interested in them
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    Is the standard 80p box with or without its original items?.
  3. fozzboy

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    Without mate... will sell if anyone needs one
  4. Jamie Thornton

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    Should be fun for anyone finding the items for it,

    they will be the early 70s post decimal price marked items I’m guessing?.
  5. Escht

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    More fun than you can imagine...........
    in 1974 that size box was 60p according to info. I have here, in 1975 they dropped price markings on boxes and fireworks for size markings...
    Best guess is that this was produced in 1974 for the 1975 season and then either used to sell off outstanding price marked items or it never got put out...
    All this presumes that box is similar size to the size 12 box........
    In 1971 there is a size 80p box but that is what would become the size 20 box.
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  6. I remember some of these, some of the labels were used in the 80's. I brought the last of the stock of the big display pieces around 97, gutted I fired all of them never thought they would be gone for good :(
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    kevin , wouldn't it become a size 12 box ? looks size 12 size to me , but I could be wrong , also what about a 70p box ?
  8. Escht

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    Think I need to change my name to Standardkev
    Based on pricelists that I have here

    What we know as size 12 boxes were
    1971.... 35p marked
    1972......45p marked
    1973.......45p marked
    1974.......60p marked
    1975 changed to size 12

    1971....70p marked
    1972 .... 80p marked
    1973......80p marked
    1974.....£1 marked
    Given that 70p boxes and 80p boxes are known to exist in what we know as the size 12 box I'm wondering if they were filled with slightly more expensive fireworks hence higher price but same size box......... makes sense to me as I can't find any record to suggest anything else.

    Did Standard bring out what we know as the size 20 box in 1973......... and had it priced at 80p that year but filled with less expensive range of items.....
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    What a lovely collection of old Standard stuff. I miss old fireworks so bad. The smell when opening an old box of fireworks is something the newer generation will never experience. It was addictive, it makes me want to light said old fireworks because they produce an even better smell whilst burning, who can forget the flow of molten metals sliding down the the side of fountains whilst glowing bright orange?, Standards Mt Vesuvius burning bright with magnesium or a Firefly crackling like mad, makes me sad that these are so long gone and will never be experienced again :(
  10. My sentiments entirely :cool::(
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  11. And the sight of a Parachute Floating Light gently floating down glowing red or green suspended on the little paper parachute, the one firework i miss the most!
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    03FB2AB8-2CBD-4A2E-A470-5B498383A021.jpeg C466717F-11EF-48E9-8DD5-E8671EC10760.jpeg Just got this large Brocks Rocket, Standard just to show the size, must be one of the biggest they made
  13. Might compare in size but the performance from the Standard rockets was far superior!
  14. fozzboy

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    Yes Peter, I agree You can't beat the Big Whoooosh Standard made and climbed into the air to a great height .....
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  15. Love the old labels and designs on the Standard rockets.