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    I wish we had been able to stay and watch tonight's performances also, however having gone through all 5 sets of clean dry clothes over the last 3 days, the thought of sitting for another 5 hours waiting, to drive another 5 hours home soaked and freezing was just to much to bear.o_O

    I want to personally thank everyone who was involved with us and the wheel for what they did.
    Kind words Rev, they are appreciated here for sure.:goodpost:

    I think this quote sums up what happened best.
    The rain and ground conditions were pants.:badday:
    Mechanically speaking the wheel and the forces involved to make it move were accurate, and as its first fully loaded outing proving all the numbers were correct, the results were good.
    This wouldn't have happened if it were not for @RPyro specially created pyro working exactly as it was meant to. All of it was stunning and just what we had hoped for in colors produced and thrusts, most people would not have even noticed some of the pyro included in the main show was in fact his own making. A proud moment inside I am sure. A true testament to the dedication and skill needed to make that happen. Words cannot thank him enough for coming so far on this roller-coaster journey we have ended up on.

    Also a special thank-you to everyone who helped rig and those companys who donated quickmatch to our cause. Id like to thank you all, but I have no idea who any of you were or who people worked for or even came from.:cheers:

    As engineers and pyro fans, Myself and Carl are honored to have taken part in such a prestigious event. To get to take part on our first public outing with this contraption,not to mention first crewing,At Southport of all places is humbling.Realising the size of the crowd that had turned up about to see our invention was shocking:eek: For that I owe deep gratitude to Phoenix Fireworks.

    As for the wheel and the future.From the reactions of firework crews,various people,judges and crowd emotions. I am in no doubt that there is enough interest and fascination with this thing to be able to give it the public appreciation it deserves.

    We are proud to have been able to create such a thing of beauty to show everyone, and I owe thanks for even finding out what a maltese wheel is, to @Locky Smith, not to mention his effort on the day and behind this project organising/borrowing and lending things to making this happen.

    Only time will tell what will happen next, how much time I do not know. What I do know is, Me and Carl do not give up easily, if we had, we would not have even made it this far, and because of that we will continue to roll this wheel as far down this road as we can.:p

    To those who saw the wheel in motion, what I will say is this.
    What was seen was In my opinion roughly 30% of what it is capable of at best and a snippet of what I see in my head with regards its possibilities given the
    resources, equipment, time and maybe a few more modifications.:donttell:

    To end, because of the difficulties we faced and tight finishing time, @Pyro Productions couldn't unfortunately make the event on the Saturday(though he tried everything to help our cause, even after the Friday was cancelled and was turning round and driving home) and as such all I have is a pants white ball blurry phone footage shot of the wheel in action.Thats it. I'm hoping @Illusion Fireworks was able to get something worth showing people on my YouTube channel. As he was kind enough to try and film what he could on our behalf (without knowing when it was supposed to happen). Very kind sir.
    So if anyone else has any good footage of it in action I would kindly appreciate it if I could utilize some for the channel to attempt to show people what happened.

    Mouse :)
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  2. Thanks for your words guys, it’s been a hell of a weekend - yep sadly (but the right thing to do) we cut the finale 22 seconds short, unfortunately you only saw around 90 of our circa 350 brocade shell finale which would have been ballistic but hey we have a responsibility to the audiences safety :)

    Now very very tired, what a 72 hours!
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    Did Distant Thunder win?
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    Managed to find and watch @Illusion Fireworks display on Youtube. Gutted that I missed it for real - after all, that opening track was right up my street! Zadok The Priest & all those Alleluias and Amens and this Rev wasn't there! The rest was excellent, too. But it was a day of being a Rev at work for me and then an evening of packing ready to fly off to Madeira.
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    Yes. Pyro 2000 second and 1st Galaxy third.
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    But still hopefully with enough energy to get a decent quality video up soon :p
  7. I’ll have a video up by tomorrow AM :)

    On another note I just wanted to give a huge nod to @Da Main Mouse and his gang a serious lack of recognition for all of their hard work this weekend. I learned on Sunday whilst two of them were just left to clear up the wheels mess and take it all down in the pouring rain that they had also come along entirely at their own cost - time, fuel, accommodation etc and not to mention all of the pyro.

    I really hope Phoenix look after you for all of your hard work, the judges at the awards certainly recognised the efforts Phoenix put into the wheel :)

    No promises on the video - honestly was not ready for it but I’ll see what I can put together for you :)
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    Cheers mate, id like to make it known that the other 2 of the team did not just abandon us,as they had to drive to the bottom of the country,we offered.

    Me and Carl have the stripping and building of the wheel down to a t and prefer we are left alone with it at that point.
    But thankyou for pointing out that the wheel is all of our own doing. Quite a few people seemed very suprised to learn that. :)
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    Id also like to be able to see some of the judges notes etc if its at all possible,as I have no idea what anyone said or scores or anything. Or who I would talk to to find out anything about what footage is being used and where,photos or interviews,as I am understandably keen to keep every bit of its journey compiled.
  10. Thanks for your thoughts Karl. We started this mad plan originally for the Wales meet that didn't happen, then we got literally blown away at the bonfire competition so ended up in Southport with Phoenix. I personally think with hindsight that a competition of this size was maybe a step too far for us.
    The pyro was the biggest headache that most people could not imagine, from chemicals, card tubes especially imported, cads. I mean, who but a few of us even know what a ball ache cads are?, and certified un cartons for home made pyro!. Then the time and costs, of replicating each time. Sam really has pyro in his blood.
    I must give a shout out to Phoenix, since they took over Kimbolton they have helped Sam in donating plenty of chems and machines to the cause, with loads more to be collected. And without their help on the day, I think we would still be rigging now!.
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  12. I really must thank Phoenix. They went out of their way to make this happen. Really was a group effort for all concerned. A competition of that size was never intended to be the debut event for mouse's wheel but it kinda ended up that way for too many different reasons to count. Met many great people and was happy to donate to the cause. Onwards and upwards as they say...
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    Think it would be worth checking with Phoenix before putting that comment on here. Don't think that's very true.
    Would be like complaining phoenix left all the five and six inch tubes in the way on the Sunday when they were actually for another competitior?
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    I think context in conversation has got a little mixed up here.

    The wheel was all our own building, design and funding.
    The four of us had all traveled at our own cost with the thought of staying for the fri sat nights apart from Rpyro who had to travel home sat.Due to no accommodation being available, Phoenix sorted some accommodation for him and his family for the sat night. So we had indeed traveled at our own costs, with 3 of us paying for all of our own accommodation.

    As Locky said here,
    This project was never intended to, pardon the pun, spiral so far out of control.:p
    Was never intended to even end up in front of the public, let alone Southport.
    As such this project has rinsed us all dry. Between building the wheel, traveling the length of the country for an event that didn't happen,then ending up at Southport this thing has cost for us at least 2.5k.:donttell:

    I shudder to think what it has cost Rpyro to get us this far.
    However as quoted here,

    and here,

    Phoenix have helped along the way, in ways that I do not even know. But I do know whats quoted above is true. I also know without help from others in the future the cost of this spectacle will never happen. That would be sad for all involved.

    So when Karl says,
    I think what he was trying to get at was the fact no-one realized the wheel was our own doing. The only people aware that the wheel was our project and not Phoenix, were those who had seen its journey along here, or those working for Phoenix. Everyone else thought it was Phoenix's set piece and there resources etc.To some degree with stuff being donated this is true, however those donations were/are between phoenix and Rpyro and had nothing to do with me, as such the pyro as far as I am aware was still donated from Rpryo, though he was obviously helped by Phoenix. What he has/or is getting, is between them.

    I must have spoke to 40odd strangers at the weekend, all were surprised to find the wheel was our creation.
    It was those that asked, what we were being paid for doing it, that were surprised to find no money had changed hands. That does not mean we wouldn't have been there if it was not for Phoenix efforts, or that it was not an honor for us to even be at Southport.

    Concluding that weekend alone, cost me and carl best part of £500 with rooms,food,diesel etc.

    Was it worth it?

    Every Penny :)
  16. I've got a maltese wheel that's never seen the light of day!
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  17. This is Distant Thunder Fireworks winning display :)

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