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  1. It was our 'digi-gerbs' that won it (and the first ever innovation award) 100% Chinese Speaker stands, Chinese Arduino, Chinese Motors and Chinese Gerbs:


    Oh and the 40% (in material) of the show packed full of gorgeous, expensive Yung Feng and European (which is available to all by the way!)

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    The colours on those mines are stunning!
  3. Sirotechnics Fireworks

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    European - 5 sets left in stock :D

    In all seriousness. Well done to team Illusion. Great show with some excellent product selections.

    Another stirling weekend in Southport. Met more great people and talked to many older acquantances too. Well done to all the teams, regardless of your place and spend its a damn lot of hard work for all involved. Southport is a special place for us and long may the pilgrimage continue!
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    The more of this thread I read, the more I think firework effects had the right idea.... fuck the system, let’s make a profit
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    No..... they took the piss and the rules need changing to make sure the audience isn't short changed to that degree ever again.
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    Karl, does each cue pulse trigger the next step in a pre programmed script on each Arduino? That's how I'm guessing they work, much like pre programmed g-flames.
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    But it’s ok for the pyro companies to be left out of pocket?? o_O
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    No its right for anyone to be left out of pocket & if a competitor chooses to exceed budget that is their choice. What is wrong, is treating the comp as a pay day.
    Over the years many other competitors have stuck to budget & still managed to put up a very creditable display. Which Fireworks Effects Did Not do!

    We are showmen/ladies & will always want to put on a great show to please the crowd. Irespective of it being a comp or commercial display most of us find ourselves putting that little bit extra into a display as a crowd pleaser or vote winner, as theres no better feeling than winning or hearing that cheer from the crowd.

    What is wrong, is the likes of Sefton Council treating it as a payday. Saturday night was a sell out. Friday & Sunday were the busiest i’ve ever seen, granted refunds will be given for Sunday. But without the Competitors there wouldnt be an event.
    Yes, the competitors are responsible for raising the bar but that is why its now becoming a sellout event.

    I love BMFC & as someone said in a earlier post “its a pilgrimage of Pyro’s” & for this reason I am happy to crew for our own company or for others as i did last weekend without finacial reward. But Rules need implementing & the budget needs to be increased to secure many more years of competitive bar raising displays.
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    Can't see where I said that....
  10. This is subjective. If you do win the competition my belief is you have to market the hell out of it on social media etc and it will bring you more work. I have Illusion on facebook and they appear in my newsfeed more than my own company (in fact more than any company) so I would consider Karl a master at the marketing side of things. I would be more than willing to bet that the titles have brought him extra work.
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    I think the MLE champs is about as fair as it gets, even though we came second this year which didn't seem to be the expectation on the night.

    In any competition there are going to be areas for exploitation, Illusion put on a cracking show, with good innovation, automated gerbs which is something the industry has never seen. I don't know the facts but I would hazard a guess they were well over budget (which isnt against the rules). Maybe they could have been over weight, but maybe not, I am not accusing them, just pointing out theres two points that if adjudicated would/could level off the playing field a little.

    On the other hand there were ex servicemen/women on the judging panel, so some would accuse blitz of trying to engineer a win, again not against the rules.

    I got my 5 year old son involved in our comp, I got accused of trying to pull on heart strings...

    The point is we all try our best to win at a loss to our pockets, southport could be a much fairer comp, except the council will not be bothered as at the end of the day if they pay 7k for a 20k show that increases the quality of the event ........ the problem that will and I believe is now occuring is that they are struggling for teams to compete.

    A final note i am not detracting from the great shows by all the teams (bar one), fantastic work by illusion and blitz, both awesome shows, very different in design, either of them deserved to win as shown by the close scoring.

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    As a firer and not a company owner I’m sure I’m missing some of the business points in this thread but to me it’s fairly simple, BMFC, Plymouth, MLE Firework Champs are all COMPETITIONS. Why would you enter a competition and not want to win it?

    Yes people may spend over budget, use more expensive product or use props to gain an advantage. Everyone has the option to do it, it’s not like anyone broke any rules?

    It’s almost like saying a rugby team should only select the standard players from the squad. Whereas in reality you would select the biggest, strongest most skilful players you have at your disposal.

    Congratulation to @Illusion Fireworks on the Win and @Blitz Fireworks for a very good show. As an ex-serviceman myself I thought it was fantastic and I love any show that gives a nod to the forces in any way.
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    But the point is, even though it is a competition to us, it is a profit making deal to the likes of MLE. They don't do it for fun, its a business that makes (a lot) of money for them. They don't do this out of kindness, to bring firework companies together. They are making good money whilst the pyro companies provide a loss making attraction. That's just plain wrong.

    If I end up entering one of these comps (perhaps I'll get black-balled already for publicly stating this?) I'll make a modest profit. Not take the piss and run, but a modest profit, say, 20%. I just would not want to put the work and time (ans lets not forget, risk) in for anything less.
  14. There is nothing stopping a group of four companies putting on there own event and splitting the profit. If there is any that is.
    You could all have an equal share and say in all aspects of the event and with most of this type of event being midlands and north the south east would be a good place to start looking for a venue
    Royal gunpowder mills maybe?
    Give the event a name and brand identity say PYROMASTERS UK
    Personally I’m far too lazy but for the more industrious amongst you ??
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    and those of you with plenty of money to risk.............
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    How many trade shows have any of you been to where the organiser pays you to turn up, and further still, pays for your promotional materials? The companies attending to present their products do so entirely at their own risk, with no guarantee of success. Even if the organisers were to pay for them to turn up and their materials, do you think they wouldn't spend a little more to gain a competitive edge?

    Granted, firework competitions are slightly different as it's the business of entertainment. So, let's draw a different comparison, the independent live music industry. The players involved here are the organisers, the venue, the headline act, the support acts. Who do you think is making the money here? It's not the support acts, sometimes the headliner might be lucky enough to walk away with a profit, the venue and organisers are almost certain to make a profit. The support acts have costs just the same as a firework display company; var hire, instruments, equipment, food, accommodation... the list goes on.

    The key to that last comparison is that the "attraction" are there to either further their music career or because they are just simply passionate about what they are doing. I'd hope the companies involved in firework competitions are in it for the same reasons, and those of you know who Karl will know that these are the values that are the glue of @Illusion Fireworks.

    Rather than see a maximum spending limit introduced, I'd see that rules are put in place to ensure at minimum 80% of the money provided to display companies to compete is spent on the displays, this avoids the embarrassment brought upon the industry by display 2 on Saturday night. It also encourages the organisers to part with more cash prior to the event, as they will want to ensure that the attending public are happy, and so secure repeat sales the following year.

    If you don't want to / can't risk a loss, both financially and competitively, don't take part, it's really that simple.
  17. A simple answer? Deduct 1 point for each £100 of overspend, then no one can buy a win.
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    That would be another first for Southport, somebody scoring minus points:rolleyes::p
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  19. Thought i'd spend my day off watching all the displays today, was a good decision, @Blitz Fireworks dsplay had one of the cleverest moments i've seen with the "bluebirds over the white cliffs of dover" section, and i've now seen @Illusion Fireworks display 3 times and it gets better and better, absolutely stunning. Kimbolton and Phenomenal also did a great job, 4 great displays. However team 2 on saturday... Not sure i've ever seen a display that bad, I genuinely think a few members here could do a better display using Asda's range, a complete embarrassment to Southport. Albeit being sandwiched between Blitz and Illusion wouldn't have done them any favours anyway lol

    Just an extra thanks to Illusion btw, your display popped up on my mum's facebook feed yesterday... She's completely stunned by it, keeps talking about it and can't wait to see more fireworks at bonfire night... no need to justify the amount I've spend any more :p